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    Hey people, I've been working these past two weeks on a server emulator for Jewelry Master.

    The server allows for both local and online play, so you can also host your own server. To know all the details and download the server go to the GitHub page.
    I also wrote an article about the development over my website, in case your are interested on it.

    The game clients are available on, one is version 1.32 (from the Wayback Machine) and the other 1.40 (shared by @colour_thief). Both are fully compatible with the server.
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  2. This looks super cool thanks for putting it together!

    Here's an upload of 1.40:

    By the way, I added all my memories of the original version to if you have anything to add. For sure we should advertise this project there as well.
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  3. Glad you like it, and thanks for the version 1.40, just tested and it works perfectly! Also updated the archive.

    I did read the wiki page and watched the only two videos I could find to figure some things out, since I never played the game back in the day.

    The only two things that I "assumed" are the score highlighting (enabled for the logged player's highest score in a table) and the player title, which I suppose is the class property the game sends to the server, although it also could've been given internally based on the score or something else. From what I've seen only 10-20 people got titles in the rankings, so it won't be easy to confirm if my assumptions were correct.

    I guess it remains as a challenge, if someone wants to pick it up.
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  4. The titles were always a little mysterious. I'm not sure what earned them.

    We're looking at maybe setting up a semi-permanent public server on, then people can compete and share replays like the old days.

  5. That sounds great, let me know if you need some help.

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