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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Nick15, 27 Apr 2006.

  1. Nick15

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    I think someone mentioned that Tetris DS was released today in Japan. Anyone encounter any Japanese players yet? I got my ass handed to me by one who managed to get a 7200 rating within 86 games. He's now up to 7500 when he quit on me. (@_@)
  2. Release Data

    Tetris DS Nintendo 03/20/06 US

    Tetris DS Nintendo 04/21/06 EU

    Tetris DS Nintendo 04/27/06 JP

    I encountered my first japanese opponent just a few minutes ago. 37 wins, around 5400 score. I won [​IMG]
  3. K



    Just be aware that every Japanese don't play TDS, every Japanese are not "monstruous" at Tetris...

    it's just like everywhere, you will fought very weak and very strong opponent... don't overestimate average japanese player because they are japanese...

    nevertheless some like "Jin8", "J.O", "Hetayo", "Koryan" etc... are really monstruous :p.
  4. Sully

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    I encountered this guy about a week before the Japan release:

  5. It says "Noah dakewa gachi", which translates to "Only Noah is gachi", where "gachi" is an untranslatable word containing nuances like "plays without cheating", "plays hardball", "plays seriously", "fights with the gloves off" and so on.

    Perhaps referring to the "NOAH?????" person in the rankings?
  6. Phydeaux

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    More than likely. Alternick, maybe?

    Then again, when Sully took the picture, NOAH wasn't anywhere to be found on the charts.

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