Japan is Sunriseland

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  1. In *Japan*, everyone is a baby, and never grows up, at least right now; they are 100% SUPER ULTRA MEGA dependent on direct information connections between one another ("intranet"). Their xenophobia comes from the fact that their entire culture is alien to our earth. When not speaking their native language, as far as I've seen, truly xenophobic "Japanese" folk speak in inversions, not properly like a westerner, where there's a positive signal to start, a message, and a negative cancellation or "wrap it up" mark, like a period. I met an instance of Mizuki Kaneko (that's first name first, family name second, westerner's way). Those are killers, but not murderers.
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    LOL helpless gaijin
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    You're high as fuck.
  4. #justnightmarecithings
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  5. Not sure if I can tell the difference between nightmareci making crazy jokes and nightmareci actually going crazy again.

    recursion evolution DNA gestalt
  6. I don't think making jokes about it helps. I suppose I don't know what much we can do to help from where we stand, but... I don't know.
  7. Sorry about that. Just junk resulting from other junk imposed on me.
  8. No worries. Hope all is well.
  9. All is well, and hope is alive.
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