"Jagoris" : Another Tetromino game

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    Edit 05/04/2018 new video link :

    Retarded Feature from 2005 :

    -- User Account & server/database support

    -- Ranking Table.

    -- Statistics for all...

    -- Replay (15 min =~5KB)

    -- Customizable display environment for slow config (eg : 2D/3D background)

    -- User Music Theme creation/share/selection/rating.

    -- Input Config.

    -- Joystick support.

    -- and lot of retarded stuff i forgot...

    But the most important feature is : Accessible from any browser where Shockwave 3D plugin is installed (2,5M).

    The outdated replay that is demonstrated was recorded on 2005 (sorry.

    Most people here have never heard or seen about this game. And the PRIMARY reason is :

    Due to the direct TTC policy against TGM clone, and the fear of pushed back release of TGM3 at a time, with advises and concertation of few member of the TGM community players, this game was not publicly released, and (almost) discontinued.

    This demonstration use lot of copyrighted media from the TGM series... Even the staff roll credit in the demo reproduce the name of the original. But copyleft library where used on the following release.

    Actually i don't see why i should hide it anymore... or at least presenting the product. i didn't named the project, it came naturally by other who needed to put a name on it, and just recently the project name have changed.

    So kbr420, without animosity i just wanted to know :

    By your game designer position, you should be aware about the fact that almost all your production or sub-licenced (eg: TGM3) have missing replay feature. And the technical problem implementation Argumentation is not really recevable since reliable source indicate that sub-licenced company where able to handle it. as game dev myself, i've learned, that it's not really complicated to implement, strongly increase ranking security, and don't need huge storage ressource (15min = ~5KB) . furthermore most people here even without being an "expert" can easily understand the benefits.

    By resuming, Replays on TETRIS game can only bring benefit to players community.

    It is obvious that this feature implementation have been discussed by your company (guideline?). Bu few element i possess only bring me to badly speculate about mercantile decision.

    Can you please bring light on us ?

    ps : the game was completely coded from scratch and i'm the only developper of this project. But a very special thanks must be credited to sh8 and colour_thief, who supported me, and gaved some good implementation data. And of course all friends who followed the project and participed to the beta debbuging...
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    ahh i forgot : for people who want to directly watch the game, jump to ~7min 30 on the video... [​IMG]
    (at start the acceleration is due to manual replay acceleration pushed button)
  3. Jago just a reminder...

    Znakeeye coded the server watchdog. Also I'm not sure but I think you are not using it with your old 2005 backup. Which makes linking jagoris/prohibition in your signature a little... pointless.

    Not to mention nobody could possibly figure out how to navigate The Shell on their own.
  4. mat


    i think he's pretty clear with the shell navigation in the demo. this is a surprising thing to wake up to... i really missed this thing! greatest. game. ever.
  5. Oh! I can't see videos at work so I didn't notice.

    And yeah, I have great memories of this thing. Definitely my most played clone ever. You people should give it a shot and try to beat me circa 2005. [​IMG]

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    ....The video demonstration blew me away! One word jago...godly.
  7. what is... the matrix...

    woohoo, it's about time. now to figure out the jagomatrix again.

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    Do you have access to it nick? It's not publicly released as far as I know.

  9. Check jago's sig. [​IMG]

    Though it's officially deadso don't get your hopes too high.
  10. Actually, that neat interface is from Avalon [​IMG]
  11. yeah i tried playing around with the shell earlier to no success, so i gave up.
  12. K


    Oups, yes i forgot about this "Watch-dog". Znakeeye coded this monitoring application cause the server unresponding behavior was an internal problem and couldn't be setled without hard reboot. Letting the server unavailable for ~10 sec. This problem really pissed me/us off at a time...
    And your right, the current back up don't use it :
    As i told you the latest back-up replay is lost to hell, witch mean that current configuration don't include watch-dog by default.

    Sorry if there is misunderstanding when i said i'm the only developper of this project, it is not the point to tell :
    - Hey watch me, i'm just fucking too good for you.
    But :
    - Look how much Mihara can insuflate motivation to what Henk call "retarded people". Yes TGM moved my soul. But it's THE experience that should be taken in consideration by any decent game designer.

    Please forgive me for just beeing one of the irritating bugs.

    i don't understand what you are talking about ? my sign ? [​IMG]

    If they want, they can. but actually NOBODY can access jagoris as shown on the video.
    Just relax and enjoy The-SHELL interface.

    Yes I was expecting request/congrats from peoples. But the first arg of this presentation was pulling weight to my question to krb420, witch seems to have switched to lurking mode [​IMG]
    Thank you for your support. Maybe it was a good moment to pop it out again. Officially dead or not, I'm not here to give pointless hope.

    But i can set it to run, cause as expected we need more weight...
  13. mat


    well i for one would be very happy to have jagoris up and running again--so any vote in that direction i can put forth you can consider put forth [​IMG] and yes, this was my big tetris zone point, krb420--i used heboris as my original example but this is even better, because it accomplishes an identical goal.

    simply put: jagoris is a far greater game than TZ.
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    Wow, that looks awesome. I'd really like to play it if I could.
  15. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

  16. mat


    thank you!
  17. @jagorochi: fantastic work! very impressing user interface!

    such "one man" developed games put bigcompany developed games to shame. if a team of - lets say - 5-10 people are working on a tetris (zone), shouldnt the outcome be much more impressive?
  18. tepples

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    Too many cooks spoil the broth.
  19. why all the tetris zone bashing? i'm really looking forward to the pc release. a tetris game with sprint, as well as 20g modes? online leaderboards? i can't wait!
  20. tepples

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    It might be the same reason as the iPod bashing before Apple introduced iTunes software for Windows OS.

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