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  1. Playing TAP's Item Mode got me imagining what would happen if you continuously got the same attack item through the entire game. Also for hard mode, imagine no timeout on the effects-based attacks like Mirror Block, and for everything else the attack triggers on every block.

    Which item would be the most difficult to endure in terms of survival? (I would make this a poll, but there are too many options.) My list, roughly from easiest to hardest with a suggestion for strategy:

    Color Block: Not a problem. Hard mode: Probably still not bad at all.
    Transform: Not a problem. Hard mode: Minimize use of overhangs, and forget using any finesse requiring post-IRS rotation.
    Laser: If not stacking low, could potentially provide an interesting endurance run. Hard mode: Er yeah, definitely stack low.
    Shot Gun!: Undoubtedly would need to stack low to persist. Hard mode: I did say stack low, right?
    Mirror Block: Occasional annoyance. Hard mode: Brain damage by the end game is certain.
    180° Field: Stack low. Or place and trigger the block only after grooming the stack advantageously, though this could get tiring. Hard mode: like playing two stacks almost parallel; just make the best placement you can! More potential for brain damage here.
    Nega Field: Similar strategy to 180° Field.
    Death Block: Occasional nuisance. Hard mode: Can you tough it through Big Mode?
    X-Ray: Not too bad. Hard mode: Could be like training wheels for invisible roll.
    Roll Roll: This could get really annoying. Hard mode: I see a very slow and tiring game in your future.
    Dark Block: Occasional annoyance. Hard mode: Hope you can manage an entire game of invisible roll.
    Hard Block: Keep placing them hard ones horizontally and endure. Hard mode: Oh shi- Could you even win this?
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  2. If the blocks update, it'd be just like a normal game except it'd be easier to get grades. If they don't you'd never finish the first section
  3. Muf


    This is called Big Mode.
  4. If literally every block was a hard block it wouldn't be bad at all. Every line clear would happen x2 for free. Even with 1 in 2 blocks being hard blocks would let you set this up reasonably. The hardest might be around 1 in 5 or 1 in 4.
  5. Hm, maybe you meant Death Block which I do cite as equivalent to Big Mode?
  6. But wouldn't the 2nd line clear (using a hard block) still keep the row from being cleared? I'm imagining a scenario where you can keep the same rows in play, but creating a hole means you can not progress downward past that point. This also implies not building on top of the row you're clearing.
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    Oh whoops. I'd just woke up when I wrote that :p
  8. Remind me. What's Hard Block, and Roll Roll?
  9. Hard Block is the silver block, which does not diseappear when you clear a line with it inside. It just reverts back to a normal colored block and has to be cleared again.

    Roll Roll rotates the active piece like 3(?) times a second.
  10. Hard Block is where a certain piece needs to be cleared twice to disappear. Roll Roll is where the pieces rotate themselves afaik.

    Edit: Ninja'd.
  11. Ah yeah, I see that hard block doesn't make any sense at all if they are ALL hard, cause what happens when you have an entire row of only hard blocks ;) Colour_Thief's post makes sense.
  12. Death Block would actually be equivalent to TGM1 big mode (death block doesn't fall evenly like the minos do in TAP big mode), which @Shuey, @Caithness, SQR, and SAL have completed.

    As for dark block, why don't we ask QM? :V
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  13. Ah, I think I just realized what ct meant after sleeping on it. I wasn't thinking hard dimensionally!

    I'm curious though if there's video of a settled hard block being cleared with the piece-in-play being another hard block. Maybe in a versus game with two consecutive hard block attacks?
  14. If every piece is the hard block item, it does not mean every block is a hard block. It might mean no block is a hard block, depending on whether hard block or item block takes precedence.
  15. Not sure if double hard block is possible. Items appear to be dealt non-randomly. For example item more is a bag system. Not sure about versus.
  16. Is it always a normal bag? I feel like Exchange Field and Nega Field only ever pop up after 500, and likewise with those items in multiplayer, only popping up if someone is on a long win streak.
    I could be way off base though.
  17. Nobody has ever researched exactly how it works. I agree with you that it's not simply bag (though it has to be avariation of it).

    Versus might very well "unlock" the broken items if the credit has lasted too long, not sure. Item mode bag might be similar. Driven by pieces dealt since the bag started?

    I've always been curious what's really going on.
  18. Yeah, my impression is that behavior is generally agreed upon but not well-understood.
  19. For vs there is at least a skewed probability is place. I see stuff like mirror, transform, color, xray, laser all the time, but e.g. dark or nega field I have only seen once or twice out of hundreds of games. In TGM3 it seem to bee different again.
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    hard mode doesn't mean the item shows every piece. it means that once activated the item stays active forever.

    Items that affect the next block activate once and then affect an infinite number of blocks.
    items that affect the stack once activate after every piece once activated. (laser, shotgun, etc)
    Items that last for a number of blocks now last for an infinite number of blocks.

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