is level 19 worth it?

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  1. how long does one need to play before you can reasonably expect a level 19 max, assuming you have the skills (which i may not)?
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  2. I'd guess years.
  3. lol david i am certain you're right... :p
  4. I'm just mad caus I had a 790 on 19 today. ... Totally choked after color switch
  5. holy. fucking. shit.

    seriously? that has to be near the transition record too! well played.
  6. My was 790 total...not at transition...probably over 500 k at transition though. ...
  7. It's an interesting question, and one that I now always keep in mind. I definitely want the level 19 max, but my life priorities have shifted a bit. I'm only playing an hour or so a week for now. I don't expect to get it done this year.

    As far as how much effort it would take, I feel like having maxed, getting the 19 max is a leap roughly equivalent to going from your first 800k score to a max.

    My advice in general for people would be to try for new personal bests only to the extent that you really enjoy it, and to be careful not to let it crowd out other things in your life that maybe should take priority - in other words, don't let it become an addiction or obsession. I've definitely had my periods of heavier playing where I neglected other things that I shouldn't have neglected, and the price was a bit too high in retrospect. As long as you feel content that playing isn't causing you to sacrifice anything you consider more important or fun, then I say go for it.
  8. My take on it is that anyone that says it isn't worth it, simply isn't up to the task. It's been proven it's doable, as four people have completed it.

    As someone with a one away on 19, no one gives a rip about it, you either max or you don't, simple as that.

    That's not to say you couldn't retire as a world class Tetris player without it, it's just a question of how good do you want to be.
  9. chad- good point about priorities. for now i have the time and wherewithal to play enough to make it happen. i got a new PR today (869k) so i am still managing to improve. if it ever gets in the way of my life i will stop of course, but i do have the luxury of time right now, and since i have the summers off (i teach) i think i may try even harder then.

    bo- i am quite OK with being among the maxers for now, and know many of the others members of that group are better than me... but fuck do i want it. the 18 max was more for the recognition and to be added to "the list" but this one seems like it is more for me.
  10. As for for knowing many members of the group are better than you, f that noise, you score higher 19 games more often than anyone I know. Give yourself some credit.
  11. orz


  12. Agreed!

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