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  1. That's a project I've been working on from some time now (six month maybe ?), mostly alone but with some help from Digital. I think it is now ready for public consumption. Enjoy :)

    The Tetris Diagram Generator

    What is TeDiGe ?
    TeDiGe is a javascript application that let draw, browse and animate Tetris diagrams.
    It is quite similar to Fumen and Tage, only it has an english (or rather... engrish ? frengrish ?) interface, documentation and source code and is generally awesomer than its japanese counterpart :D .

    What is better in TeDiGe ?
    You can do at least as much as in fumen (that was my one of my requirement). But, there's more
    • It is prettier ! TeDiGe uses images (taken from Nullpomino) instead of flat color.
    • Custom dimensions: tired of drawing a whole playfield when you only want to show an exotic wallkick ? Always wanted to draw a TGM double mode diagram ? You can have all size from 1 to 26 cells wide/tall playfields !
    • Flood and rectangular fill: drawing a stack filled with generic blocks is tedious. But no longer with those two modes !
    • Directly export to BBcode (as soon as the admin have implemented TeDiGe support).
    • Open source: you can get everything on github. Feel free to branch and suggest new idea !
    • Still under development: I still have some ideas to make TeDiGe the ultimate diagram generator :)

    Where is it ?
    Editor | Viewer (300x190px) | Large Viewer (400x380px)

    But since it's open source and all, I won't be surprised if it got self-hosted :) .
    Note that this version was minified with YUI compressor. If you want readable javascript, please see github.

    What's next ? How can I help
    I plan to add a command viewer (what is inputted in which frame), proper animations and others rotations system.

    I'm looking for someone who understands how fumen works so I can translate its code into tedige code.

    Feel free to report bugs, feedbacks and ideas either on github's issue page or on this thread.

    Enjoy :)
  2. you are indeed a prince.
  3. orz


    this is cool as hell
  4. K


    Encore quelques bugs, mais ├ža semble prometteur !:V
  5. Muf


  6. K


    Using IE7, i don't see anything...
    btw, seeing the output generated code, are URL size still limited to 4kb ?
  7. Well, there's your problem.

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