I'm going to Japan this summer, anything I should know ?

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  1. (for the whole month of August, basically)

    Regarding Pier21, arcade etiquette, people from TC already there, etc...
  2. nicofromtokyo will have a blast with you. Contact him on Twitter if it isn't already done :)

    Arcade etiquette : Just get out of your machine once you've finished your credit AND someone seems to be waiting, they'll never ask you to leave. Might be stupid but some people tend to be unaware of that ;)

    The rest is just : be yourself. They'll surely want to interact with you. Especially Ataro :D

    It's awesome that you get there! I hope you'll have a wonderful time
  3. If you at a machine, after your credit can you put more or is it curtious to let your place for the next persons?
  4. That's the thing. You finish your credit (or your two credits if it's "one coin two credits" day), look around, and if there's no one standing up nearby THEN you put your next coin. Else you stand up and see what happens
  5. Okay thanks for the clarification. :)
  6. Also, no pictures/photography allowed right ?

    Unrelated (?): I hope there's a location test of TGM4 when I'm there :D .
  7. I think photos are cool, Just ask if you're really unsure. I got selfies of me w/ my scores and they were cool with it. However, if you're going to Twitter (it's pretty much their Japanese Facebook), remember one thing : I recommend that you DO NOT POST EMULATOR PICS. AT ALL. They're not cool with that.

    Aside from that it's totally cool. You might even suffer from that asian habit of taking a photo of everything you eat :D

    Last point : If you're near Kichijoji, Enji is a fucking good ramen shop. Go there if that doesn't take too long.
  8. The reason for those signs is for the privacy of shop patrons. If you want to take pictures with players in them, make sure you ask permission. "Shashin ii desu ka?"
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    Yeah. remember rule of #tgm_series. authentic hardware only. :)
  10. @Kitaru : Yeah I was about to write it like "shashin iiskaa?", I guess I'm not the only one who got those expressions from going to japan :D
  11. I hope you like the smell of cigarettes :V. Seriously wash any clothes that you wear to an arcade as soon as you can and keep them separate from the rest of your luggage.
  12. So, veni, vedi, not so quite vici but still cool. Thanks nicofromtokyo for showing me around !

    For the records, if people are looking for information:
    • Pier21 is located at Kodaira, so it is outside of the usual touristy Tokyo; it is a 30min JR train ride.
    • The arcade is a medium-to-small one. I've seen smaller (and smellier !) one but this isn't your multi-floor Taito Game Station either.
    • The arcade uses medal (tokens) and not your usual 100 yens for one credit. The rate is 3 medals for 100 yen, so it's cheap compared to others arcade. The only place I found that was cheaper for Tetris was the a-cho game center in Kyoto (in the Teramachi shopping arcade), where you can have two credits for 50 yen; but it's only TGM3.
    • There is literally a TGM corner, complete with four TGM1 cabinets, two TAP cabinets and one TGM3.
    • One of the TAP cab is dedicated to Death mode and one medal gets you two credits.
    • According to their calendar, on Mondays you can get 2 credits for one medal.
    • On the TGM1 cabs, there's a button you can press that increment a Gm counter that is displayed I-don't-remember-where in the room.
    • The owner (Ataro) is reaaallly friendly, even if you don't speak japanese. Google translate helps ! Protip: use sweets as an ice-breaker
    • If/When you get a Gm in TGM1 tell him or any staff (with a picture of your record) so he can add you to the pantheon (and smile because you recognize some of those name).
    • nicofromtokyo told me that there are more renowned players on weekends.
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