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  1. Some of you might remember hearing about the TDS tournament held at the Nintendo World store in New York. Well, I played the guy that won that recently.

    There was a tournament near me at Pacific Mall in Toronto, at the arcade named Orbit. T7. This tournament attract players from all over Canada, as well as many from the US as well. In fact, the general format of the tournament is Canada vs The Empire, where The Empire is a gaming clan known as Empire Arcadia. This tournament was mostly for fighting games, but they decided to make it a more general gaming event and held some impromptu competitions in other games as well. This is probably because Empire Arcadia has been travelling around with a camera crew filming an MTV pilot on gaming, and they want a broader appeal.

    So, this TDS tournament wasn't exactly planned in advanced. It was so last minute, in fact, that when a friend of mine who's pretty into fighting games and was attending most of the tournament heard about it and summoned me there to defend Canada, I was unable to make it there on time. The format of the tournament was 5 on 5, where all 5 people play all 5 from the other side (so 25 matches) and the winner is the side with more wins. The end result: Canada lost 25-0. [​IMG]

    When I finally showed up, I asked if I could challenge the strongest player from Empire in a few matches. This was a player who uses the handle TGFM (Triforce Game Master). I didn't know this at the time, but this is the player who won the Nintendo World TDS tournament, and he is also the emperor himself of the (rather large) gaming clan Empire Arcadia.

    How did I do? See a video of the first few matches here. (I win.) After that we were asked to move to make way for a Tekken Tag tournament I believe.

    I realise I play quite sloppily in that video. [​IMG] I was running on 4 hours of sleep, had worked all day, and had not played TDS significantly in the last 2 months. I did practice on the commute to work that day, but that is all. I suspect that half of TC's forum members could probably beat this guy. After the matchup I tried to explain that it was actually not my strongest Tetris game, and that I usually play TGM. The arcade was pretty noisy though so he couldn't really hear me. I said "Surely you must have seen the videos?" to which he replied "Video? Look me up on YouTube: Triforce - The Perfect Tetris".

    Enjoy. Be sure to watch the whole thing too. Sure he's not a bad player by any means. But worthy of waving a trophy around on youtube?


    Sadly with Canada losing 25-0, losing 20-5 wouldn't have been much help. A little more notice and maybe Millartime would have joined in to make it 15-10. And maybe I could get cgwg in on this too to finally even the odds and make it a real tournament. (Whoa 3 TC members in Toronto. [​IMG]) In this thread I accuse Empire Arcadia of shamefully posting the results of this competition on their website. Honestly, they had 5 decent TDS players (one was Justin Wong heh) and said "hey let's have a tournament" and then played against 5 Canadian scrubs. I realise they did this for the sake of their MTV pilot, but bragging about the win on their website is just low. If this tournament runs again next year, I'll try to piggyback a proper Tetris tournament onto it to let them know their place.


    Converted html links to phpbb format as html doesn't work here anymore. Seems half the links are already dead though. [​IMG]
  2. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Tag? Is that based on who is "it" for the shortest amount of time?

    Especially with all that ridin' spinnaz, and no T-spin doubles.
  3. Sully

    Sully Unregistered

    The youtube vid is completely unimpressive. Particularly since a) he only rotates clockwise and b) t-spins are the way to score big points.

    And I can't get your vid to play.
  4. It won't work for you? Hmm... Do you have a decent codec pack installed?

    I'll ask my friend what codec it uses. Mad props to RedLightning by the way, who recorded and is hosting that video.

  5. Which thread? This one here?

    And I just watched the video. Man I would dominate them so much if that tournament was held here instead :<
  6. Yeah there's no missing hyperlink there. I'm not trying to raise a big stink; I just thought I'd share it with you guys. I'd rather use next year's tournament to show him his mediocrity than do so with words on the internet.

    And for the record Triforce is a totally cool guy. He's just got some misconceptions about how good he is at Tetris. I probably would too if I won 3 TDS tournaments and never played wifi.
  7. sihumchai

    sihumchai Unregistered

    For those who can't play the video due to some codec problems, you can try:

    Video LAN Player. It supports almost every type of file on the internet, very minimal on GUI, and works great.

    Nice work on schooling that guy CT. I haven't had time to see his 'unimpressive' work over at Youtube, because my workplace is firewalled [​IMG]
  8. Sully

    Sully Unregistered

    All you're missing is him clearing level 20 height 5 with 7 straight Tetrises for a score of 200,000. Yawn.

    He only rotates clockwise, too.
  9. Guest

    Guest Unregistered

    OMG. in that "perfect game" vid he doesnt even use the B button.
  10. Guest

    Guest Unregistered

    oops, i see sully just pointed that out before i refreshed
  11. umbrellastyle

    umbrellastyle Unregistered

    Is that Marble Madness I hear in the background of the Triforce video? [​IMG]

    Someone needs to post a video response to that video which shows him the world of T-spins.
  12. I think it's pretty impressive if he can do it 3 times in a row. I beat the score by getting a t-spin double and 6 tetrises on 20-5, but it took me about 50 tries.
  13. Sully

    Sully Unregistered

    3 times in a row? Big deal. Just ride spinnaz.

    My orginal score was 207500, done with 7 tetrises and 3 t-spins worth 2500 each.

    My best score is 272500, done with t-spin singles in double position, t-spin doubles, and tetrises. I think it was on 20/1. I had a run go bad when I had 1 line left to clear with my score already at 275k and I couldn't get the I piece for the tetris that was already set up- I was a few pieces away =/

    The top score on cyberscore is over 400k. If you're gonna brag about your single player scores, they've got to be good.
  14. Millartime

    Millartime Unregistered

    I simply cannot believe that there was a TDS tourney in Toronto and I was not aware. And to boot Canada got its ass handed to us. No good, I want a rematch. Stupid punks.
  15. Guest

    Guest Unregistered

    Geez, some players are too secluded to realize the extent of their skill. For the rest of us, tetris perfection is still a work in progress.
  16. you mean the other way around, right? if so, taht's just classic. i had in fact seen the video, before, ha. surely i'm not the only one who did "The Perfect Tetris" on the first day owning TDS, right?
    no offense to triforce, but this is more like negligence. the game's freaking online and has an eloish skill system. anyone can go to mcdonalds (wifi access point) and see where they stand.

    btw, great video ct.
  17. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

  18. lol, justin wong also plays tds ?

    this guys is on every single game [​IMG]
  19. K


    Ranking table

    wow intersting concept : if you're not affiliated and win against them you still serve their "community", when they add your name to the ranking table...

    puting aside if they are good or not, pfiuu i don't know what to say... [​IMG]
  20. I think I've already been over this with Sully ages ago, but I don't like the single player scores as a measure of skill.

    I think to be a good Tetris player you have to show consistency. My single player scores, while good in terms of most people, are pretty shoddy for a so called "elite" player, because I basically don't have the patience to play a single player game mode over and over.

    These "World Champion" players generally piss me off, because you see videos of them, and compared to most of the uber-players, they're poor at best. Some of them even look like they'd struggle to hold 7250 on worldwide rating. Most of the high-end players could beat them easily. Even if they were horrendously out of practice. These players are not champions of any kind. They're just luck enough to be the best player that happens to hear about the event and turn up.

    The TDS world champions are the likes of TGM-HOLiC and NOAH. The players that can hold their own in 2p or 4p games, regardless of the opposition. I feel extremely good to come out of a few 4p games and to be level with NOAH on wins, because he is a supremely impressive player.

    It seems that while most of us have discovered TGM and TAP, and are focusing on those, the japanese are continuing to push forward on TDS, and the rest of the world is lagging behind.

    I wish they'd hold a UK tournament at TDS because, not wanting to sound overly arrogant, I'm pretty sure I'd win. Especially if it was 4p. I'm not aware of any UK TDS player better than myself, not in terms of TDS Wifi rating anyway.

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