I am looking for a German translator (ENG-->GER)

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Amnesia, 1 Jul 2017.

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    this is a sad fact : I have only few German contacts in my life, all from TC... Probably because I have only spent 3 days physically in the country.
    I am working every days (and for TGM...:( life is a question of priorities...) on a serious project about the tourism in Hungary, and more precisely : I am creating a search engine in many languages for tourism informations about Hungary.
    Today Christian is translating for me the content that I need to make my prototype, that I will show to my future clients around September this year. If my idea works, then I will enter into serious things and I will need 2 german translator, 2 because I can't allow myself to count only on 1 person, I will need to be reactive.
    I don't need to precise, but I should anyway : I need someone with a good level of writing in his mother language, German/Austrian people are the 1st nationalities of tourist in Hungary and by very far ! The German texts of my website must be very good.

    It would be only for a small quantities (250 or 500 word/week maybe), but on a regular base. I have 2 Hungarian translator, 1-2 English reviewer, but except Christian, I have no one else for translating German and it is really important for me later (September) to have the capacity to translate little texts every weeks, with a deadline of 1 week.

    I am not really really rich, today I pay everything for the start of this project, I could propose 0,045€ / word.

    To give you an idea, here is my website today, still in building and improvement phase :
    French, Hungarian, English and German will be the 4 languages of the start, and a bit later I will create 3 other full translations : Czeck, Polish and Romanian.

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  2. I actually made an account after lurking for years to answer here, after seeing how barren this post still was.

    I reckon I could offer my services seeing as I am fluent in both German and English and have worked in translation before.
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    Hello Eluvyel,

    I thought I had find someone reliable, speaking natively French and German, and nurse, so with an advanced knowledge about medical vocabulary, the perfect solution for me, but it seems that I can not really count on her....
    So I will come back here to update my situation. Also, I must re-precise that "being fluent" in german is not enough for me, I must have a strong native level because German is too important for this website, Austrians and Germans are together like 60% of the tourists from abroad who visit Hungary... Hungarians have a close relation with the 2 countries, many of them speak german, if I present my website to one of my clients and if there is a single imperfection with german that they notice, I lose all my credibility immediatly.
    Today I pay a woman who review ALL my english texts because I want its perfect.
  4. >so with an advanced knowledge about medical vocabulary

    I happen to be on my way to become a doctor, if that helps.
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    And you are German ?
    That sounds perfect then...Even if you are not, Christian could read your texts to valid.
    I will tell you soon if I have news from the other person.
  6. I am half German, yes. Currently living there soon moving over to Canada.
  7. yeah hi I'm a german
    however I'm not sure if i can/want to regularly devote time into translations, because for one, i'm at a point where my english is probably better than my german and the other part is I just don't enjoy doing translation work that much, so I think I'll have to pass on this one - sorry.
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    Eluvyet, I have written on your profile page yesterday, I tell you because you don't know too much this interface, not sure you have read it.
  9. Oh yeh, I dont check there at all, do you mind dropping me a DM somewhere? Discord, maybe?
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    Yes Discord, how do we do ? I just use discord for 1 person today. How can I add you ?
    I am Amnesia_TC#2483
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  11. You can find me with the proper handle. Its Eluvyel#1462

    Alternatively. or if you dont know how to, you can join this throwaway server and open up DMs that way https://discord.gg/bAnZHd

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