how to keep 3C ? (calm, cool and concentrated)

Thread in 'Strategy' started by tet2brik, 7 Jan 2011.

  1. Hi guy's !

    What is your method to keep calm, cool and concentrated when playing TGM ?
    My problem is that when i see S4 grade (my best grade 'til now), i panic (maybe because i think that i have one possibility to become S5) and usually i loose......:'(

    Personally, i note that i play better when listening music rather than listening the TGM sound, which are a little bit ....hum....not comment ;)

    What about you ? :confused:
  2. COL


    This is pretty standard, you panic because you're about to beat your personal best. When you reach TAP s8 often, you 'll feel unconfortable near TAP s9, etc.
    You should raise your current skill level: play a lot of 20G (the code to activate 20G: down (8 times), C, B,A at the start screen in both TGM1 and TAP). Play also a lot of TA death. Create yourself "missions" (e.g. i want to reach lvl 200, then lvl 300).
    The goal is to be COMFORTABLE at the speed level where you usually reach s4-s5
  3. You can also hide the grade and/or counter.
  4. Really ? Could you please tell me how ?

  5. Muf


    Masking tape.
  6. Yup :)
    (or overlapping window)
  7. K


    I'm a very good example about losing 3C once i get close to à new record.
    I got so much trouble getting M, then so much more for GM... you'll have to Play again and again... until you don't feel the stroke feeling. Good luck man until there.:V

    Ps: fuck autocompletion...
  8. Ai


    I've been doing this for TAP Normal to hide my score. I use the option Always On Top in Windows Task Manager in XP. Didn't help me much because I know when I'm near my personal best. ^^;

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