How to hold the stick?

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  1. Due to the UP/DOWN motion required for TGM2 and Ti, my wrists are fking hurting. How are we sposed to hold the stick to not get RSI and also be able to do UP/DOWN motion cleanly? (i keep diagonal dropping by accident)
  2. Open the stick, remove the restrictor plate, click the gate from 8-way square to 4-way diamond, and put it back.
  3. Its 4 way already. i suck at doing up/downs.

    the first thing i did when i got the stick was set it to 4 way.

    you can still hit diagonals (albiet their like a VERY VERY small portion of the diamond)

    I think i'm accidentally pushing the stick sideways a bit when i'm doing up up/downs.

    would getting a clover restrictor help? would it be worth it?
    and fuck my wrist hurts, how do i make it not hurt? I must be doing something wrong :/
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  5. Yeah, it's not so much that you'd actually be able to diagonal drop, so...

    ...must be this.

    Well, Sanwa JLF doesn't have a clover gate, -- the Seimitsu LS-32 has a clover 4-way restrictor -- but I'm still going to have to go with a "no and no" on this one; nothing wrong with the diamond.

    Yeah that's not right. You should be less RSI prone on a stick than on keyboard.
  6. I prefer the LS-32's 4-way myself, for reasons other than the clover shape: it has a shorter throw than a 4-way'd JLF.
  7. you just find something that "feels fine" and then it's fine. seriously.
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  9. If you're gripping the stick too tightly and tensing up the muscles in your arm and wrist then that might give you some issues with RSI and cramping. Try and relax your grip so you're holding it fairly loosely.
  10. Are you moving your wrist much when you play? A quick test shows that my fingers do all the work of moving the stick, and my wrist stays pretty stationary.

    I've experimented a bit with the grip in mufunyo's animated gifs, but I don't think I have it quite right, because it causes my middle finger to hurt whenever I hold the stick that way.
  11. I agree with this sentiment. But the LS-32 has higher tension, so more effort is required to move the stick around. At higher speeds, this would cramp my style. Both can be used at a high level no doubt, but I believe Sanwas allow you to more effortlessly achieve the faster motions that high speed requires.
  12. yeah i move my wrist tons when i play.

    oh god i just looked at myself, yeah my up/downs are giving me rsi. if i could record it u guys would lol so hard :(

    thansk alot guys now i am not RSI'ing :D
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  13. Muf's gifs examples have such nice hands. Reminds me of those hand models. :p
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  15. There's also the "wineglass style" which I think 309 uses, where you hold the stick from below the balltop. I'll get some photos in a moment.
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  16. hm i actually find that the part of my hand right underneath my middle finger gets icky sometimes because that's the spot i use to push the stick to the right. I might try just using my fingers instead.
  17. I have a different problem. I can do up-down motions fine, but at low speeds I often not press upward enough but I pull the piece down slightly, which destroys my timing since the piece doesn't lock like I expect it to. How do I avoid that with a 4-way LS-32?
  18. Personally I don't mind the stiffiness of the LS-32. I'm rather terrible with handling senstive things with my hands (a habit that goes back to when I would color harder than others in elementary school), so I feel like I actually have some sort of friction instead of just something that feels floaty.

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