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  1. Tetris dreams... it's like a normal dream but it's in a 10x20 matrix and you see pieces stacking. Sometimes... my Tetris dreams used to overlap with normal dreams and I would see them both at once Q_Q
  2. I've not had Tetris effect in like 5 years.

    I also cracked how to stop playing Tetris when I have important things to do. I play SC2 instead :D
  3. Muf


    And Quake Live when not motivated to play SC2.
  4. More like Quake Live when I feel I'm too drunk to avoid completely derping around on SC2
  5. Muf


    Nah man, Photon Cycles and monobattles. Monobattles with one eye closed because I can't focus on my screen otherwise.
  6. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

  7. :facepalm:
    Do you play Dota 2 now? :awe:
  8. I play for fun, not because it is a sport. If I want to play sports, I play actual sports where you move around. :p

    You should play it only if it is fun for you.
  9. No because MOBA games suck donkey balls imo
  10. I read tepples's sentiment more as discontent with the governing body (read: The Tetris Company); they have a tendency to ignore the community at best and occasionally antagonize it at worst. TTC's treatment of homebrew developers has always been a point of contention for tepples, and I can't really blame him for growing weary of it all.
  11. I can see that.

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