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  1. Re: Start playing Animal Crossing

    Tl;dr. :V

    So you are suggesting another addiction, eh? I have to agree with you there. I haven't touched this game since I started playing TF2 again. :biggrin:

    Until later today. :sneaky:
  2. Triple post, much?
  3. I'm not actively working on it anymore (it pretty much looks like how I want it to look, minus perhaps replays), but I released the first version to TC last christmas, and probably started working on it about a month before that (did most of the work over thanksgiving and winter break, IIRC). So I probably worked off and on for like 6 months before finally getting to v1.07 that stands right now.
  4. It's all just attitude.
    But if you've come to a tetris forum to ask how to stop, you probably have none ;)
  5. I found a solution !
    Download shmupmame v2.2 with dodonpachi, dodonpachi daioujou, dodopanchi daioujou black label, ketsui and any other shmups you'd like to play and you won't have the time to play tetris anymore.
    Damn, that sux ! I want to play tetris and shmups and fighting games !
    How do I stop working, anyone ? Any clues ?
  6. I'd say when he has
    getting addicted to other games won't solve the problem. :rolleyes:
  7. :sowsuser:

    Steadshot is right. At this point, the best I can do is to remove the game entirely, but I always worry about my skills diminishing...but that is a sacrifice, right?

    Oh well...not like it'll be permanent...or will it? :o
  8. Breaks can be helpful too.
  9. Only things that have worked for me are heroin and meth but after a week or so you just come back to Tetris.
  10. Tetris is the strongest drug in existence.

    Especially when it's fucking KoS. D:
  11. All other Tetris games are like gateway drugs to KoS; if you're a big enough grognard to have stuck around through everything else, you'll be playing the "Tetris Chess" forever.
  12. I cant help but agree on this one. I'd like to ask what KoS is, but I fear I may not want to know the answer D:
  13. Ai


  14. THE FUCK IS THAT?!?!?!!

    That route is too expensive. :V

    Status update: I've found the answer.
  15. And you're not going to share it!?

    s0 rude ;v
  16. Find a girlfriend.
  17. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Absolutly agree, I played maybe 5 times less with a gf...
    Would you like to save me and become mine ?:$
  18. oh ho hoho

    there you are
    i posted a message for you on hd vs tc

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