How do I set this game up?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Sawyer Kapkan, 25 Feb 2015.

  1. I know i am a total noob but i cant figure out how to install this game. Can i run it on a raspberry pi? Any help would be very appreciated
  2. You habe to Tell us which game!
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  3. Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror-Instinct
  4. Your Pi can't really do it since it's basically a windows application. it's just a matter of running the batch file to assign the desired keys, and then running the game.
  5. where do i download the batch files?
  6. it comes with the game, and if you don't have it, I don't really feel like having a pirating discussion sorry.
  7. I wouldnt want to pirate it! haha but i cant find where to buy the game can you link it to me
  8. Try eBay, Sophia Corp, Yahoo Auctions Japan ( need proxy bidding service, unless you are in Japan, and if you are, just go to an arcade!)
  9. thank you! <3
  10. FYI if you're looking to buy TGM3 legit, you're looking at spending at least several hundred dollars.
  11. I have my doubts about how serious he was about buying it,

    I just feel like this shouldn't be the go to place for how to pirate tetris games.

    plenty of other places to get that information.
  12. Has already been discussed recently and the general consensus was the same as yours.
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  13. I dont think it's a good idea for a first-time TGM enthusiast to start with Ti. Personally I'd start from TGM1 and work your way up, starting at Ti without getting a decent sub 12min Gm on TGM1 is only going to end in frustration.

    Unless you're KevinDDR that is... :) but he has the skills to pay the bills so..
  14. I would still definitely not recommend starting with TGM3. :p I learned so many bad habits playing TGM3 that required a significant amount of time to undo when I finally attempted to get decent at TGM1 and 2.
  15. Absolutely, same thing here. Started out with Ti modes around 8 years ago when I joined this place and I REGRET it. It looked the most appealing. Fast gameplay, hold, three previews, fancy wall-kicks.. (I even started out with tds-world or whatever it was called in heboris and it was totally broken) And trying to play TAP I always tried to do stuff that are invalid, even sometiems today..

    It's a REALLY BAD IDEA to start out with TGM3 and not a fun journey to undo, lol. But recently I'm finally starting to get it after all these years. So yeah, all you new players should start out with TGM1.
  16. While I agree with you guys, I'm not sure I would have gone down the road to GM if I didn't have fun playing TGM 3 this much. It's also a good reading exercise and a nice starter to understand how one preview and no hold can be tedious. I would say TGM and TAP as a beginning is optimal, TI if you can't enjoy those games... yet.;)
  17. What would you consider the tip-over point? I originally started on TI and then went back to TAP based on recommendations here. I seem to have plateaued lately though. I don't think I'm to the point of going back to TI on a regular basis until I can fix some of the problems that are keeping me from progressing in TAP, but figuring out what I need to fix/have under my belt before moving on is tricky.
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  18. I'd say most of the benefit of playing Ti modes is to increase your speed ceiling, something which is only really necessary when you can get to 999 semi-consistently on TGM1. Otherwise your ability to use hold, floorkicks and the extra previews will make it really difficult to train yourself to stack properly for ARS.

    I wouldn't say never play Ti - the modes can be pretty fun, but do it intermittently when you just want a bit of a break, rather than spending the bulk of your practice time on it.
  19. I probably agree with Rosti, more or less. If you can finish TGM1 or reach 900 in TAP, then you might not have to worry about learning bad habits from Ti.

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