How can I get better at tetris?

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  1. How can I get better at tetris?

    I've gotten to rank 14 on tetrisfriends (if that even means anything) but after that I struggle to stay in first place or win. I enjoy going against other players because it gives me something to be better than. I don't know how to spin although I know what it is. My control settings don't include rotating pieces both ways and I'd like to know how I could get used to doing this often.

    I don't understand a lot of terms people on this forum use such as "TAP", "GM", "DAS", "Heboris", "ACE" and "ARS to name a few. I tried looking on your wiki but the explainations for some of them were too difficult for me to understand. Are learning this definitions essential to becoming a better tetris player?
  2. Have you looked on the wiki yet? There's a wealth of information there.

    To get better, I suggest reading up on T-spins, watching videos of good players and practicing a lot.
  3. I think the best advice I can give as someone that has played maybe over 2000 hours of Tetris is just to play more.

    You should check the leaderboards for the TGM series games on this site. That'll really give you something to be better than.

    I assume you mean T-spins. Check the wiki, DIGITAL compiled an obscenely detailed list.

    Set your settings to including rotating pieces both ways. You'll get used to it if you do that.

    TAP is Tetris the Grand Master 2: The Absolute Plus. It's a really hard Tetris game.

    GM means Grand Master. It's the highest grade attainable in the Master modes of the TGM series.

    DAS is delayed autoshift. If you hold a direction, the piece will start moving in that direction rapidly.

    Heboris is a really bad Tetris clone. Don't play it! Use Nullpomino or Texmaster instead.

    ACE is Tetris The Grand Master ACE, a version of TGM for the Japanese 360. It's bad. Don't play it!

    ARS is the Arika Rotation System, used in the TGM series of games.

    Well, yes.
  4. I wouldn't really call TGM Ace a bad game. It's just not, you know, a TGM game.
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    the best advice i can give is to practice efficiently and to focus on improving
  6. he said it better :D
  7. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Don't listen to him Heboris C7 is a really awesome tetris game, very beautifull with a lot of usefull option, the interface is very clean.
  8. Hahahaha.
  9. Brings back a memory of when he said Heboris was "simpler" than Texmaster :awe:
  10. How can a tetris game be harder or more difficult than another? I thought tetriminos were generated randomly and thats it...
  11. I really need to rewrite that thing.
  12. You wrote that? That essay is what got me into Grandmaster Tetris!
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    hey op did you ever get better at tetris

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