How are diagonals registered in TGM 3?

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  1. So I'm finally coming to grips with the idea that my goal of building a real tgm3 arcade cabinet is a long ways off at best, and a pipe dream at worst. So long story short I saw an arcade stick on sale today (hori real arcade pro 4) and decided to get it. Previously I'd been playing texmaster with a keyboard, but now that I have e a stick, I want it set it up to be as authentic as possible.

    Getting it configured and working was easy, but I'm wondering how the real game handles diagonal inputs. Are diagonal inputs simply ignored? Do they register as a horizontal and vertical input? Just a horizontal input?

    In texmaster, it appears that it always registers diagonal inputs as being whichever input came first. For example, if I hold the stick right, and the push it up to the top right, the tetromino continues to move right, but does not hard drop. Likewise, if I hold down and then move the stick to the bottom right, the tetris still falls quickly, but does not move to the right. Is this how the tgm3 functions as well?

    Edit: After further testing, it appears that texmaster either completely ignores diagonal inputs, or only registers them as horizontal inputs depending on whether you have the stick assigned to function as a dpad vs analog stick.
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  2. It should be noted that TGM3 or any TGM game is supposed to be played with a 4-way square restrictor gate, which blocks diagonal inputs. This means that the game shouldn't have to deal with those.
  3. On an unrelated note good luck finding the PCB and a working Type X at reasonable prices.
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    All TGM arcade games ignore vertical stick motion when they see horizontal. confirmed by me.

    tgm1,2, and 3 all behave the same in that regard
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  5. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get it all for around $2k. Not sure if thats a reasonable expectation or not.
  6. Have fun. I haven't found a single place that sells the game itself or the Type-X. If you happen to know I'd love to be informed. That being said, good luck.
  7. I thought sophia corp was kinda the standard way to get it these days? I haven't looked too far into though sense you need to contact them for a quote. Do they not actually have it in stock?
  8. Sohpia corp occasionally has it. Every time TAP appears there I stare at the page wondering if I could live off rice and noodles for about 2 months.
  9. Is there a way to see if they have it in stock on their website?
  10. is usually where you can find what they have. TGM 3 and the Type X are both out of stock, and trying to find both available at the same time is an adventure. They have TAP and TGM 1 (two variants, one with manual and some extras, other just the game).

    They had both of those TAPs on there for a while, but one of them is taken off recently due to a uh, certain retail purchase.
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