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Thread in 'Strategy' started by frozentreasure, 31 May 2017.

  1. While I'm still struggling to consistently last for more than 150 levels at 20G, I'm currently reaching 350-400 pretty confidently on a normal game. However I've run into the same issue multiple times, where the gravity is too high to freely move pieces without resorting to sliding along the stack surface, yet low enough that if I try to move a piece with DAS to skip over one hole, it can slip over large enough drops and get stuck in a hole further along than I'd like, or it simply goes further than I've expected and by the time I've registered this and am attempting to correct it, the piece is already locking.

    Is there a technique to move pieces in these 150 or so levels before 20G that doesn't screw me over if/when I've given myself an uneven stack, or is the sort of thing that just comes with a lot of practice and exposure to 3-5G stacking situations?
  2. it just comes with practice, I still screw up placements at that speed sometimes. you can just stack higher to make it more like 20G if you want
  3. There's no easy way to avoid messing it up; ultimately the best players don't usually use the placements that require a specific gravity level; it's either "to the wall and back" or tapping. After 300 or so you might as well just be treating it like 20G as it's best to be quite conservative in the awkward non-20G high-G.
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  4. I guess until I get better those sections will feel like some of the most limiting of the entire game in that respect, but I can see how I'd make it work. I got to 493 earlier today, topping out when I couldn't tap my way over the top of the stack fast enough. I think I'm also trying to not use excessive taps because I don't know how much of a bad habit I'll build up from doing that on keyboard for when I switch over to a stick, where the motions are much harder.
  5. Ultimately the real solution is to just keep the stack in a manner so that pieces never get caught. Of course that's easier said than done, but you're not wrong; 300-500 is where so many games fall apart as you're going from basically stacking in 0G with the 0G shape to stacking with the high gravity shape, which optimally is significantly different. So many of my runs crap out in that transition.
  6. I second Kevin.

    I also had a lot of problems with that lvl range and messed up often. Now, after 300 I pretty much treat it as 20G and restrict myself to moves that are possible under 20G, this made things more predictable for me and improved consistency.

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