Help me make sure AGDQ 2016 happens (donation thread)

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  1. AGDQ 2015 has been an amazing experience. After all the work I went through to organize this I thought it would be over, but after the reception and what I learned from this I really want to make AGDQ 2016 happen. The thing is, I forgot my passport and had to book another flight (I'm a real idiot), and my mother did give a lot to make the thing happen so right now the situation has been pretty awkward for me to keep things going. People have generously offered their help, so this is where to do it :

    Do whatever you wish to do, and keep stacking!
  2. Link seems to go to an invalid page for me...
  3. My bad, I am not good with computer it seems. Fortunately this seems good now :)
  4. Why did you make the goal so low? It was reached in 1 donation.
  5. Muf


    Yeah, I don't believe that it cost you $100 to get your passport and reschedule your flight.

    I call shenanigans.

  6. I think the goal was arbitrary and that people will just donate what they will, but it's definitely shooting way low:
  7. And as far as I know Indiegogo lets you keep everything donated even if the goal isn't met.
  8. Uuhhhh... yeah! Well to be fair I was not shooting for anything :) If anything I can still try and recover from this. The objective of amount of money in itself does not drastically matter, I'll find a way eventually. The main thing is that if I'm actually having more money than the objective, I'd like to repay my mother with whatever extra I have. To be honest at this point, I still believe that it's essentially my fault and I shouldn't have people donate, so at the time 100$ seemed like an okay benchmark.
    100$ is to make sure I can pay the rent and eat by the end of the month. Thanks to Kitaru and Clarence Silver for allowing that with a fair bit of leverage!

    Thanks for your contributions guys, I honestly don't know what to think of all that, but that is definitely a help!
  9. Oh, I see. I thought the goal was to pay back your mom.
  10. Man... I really did not explain this properly. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I'll talk about it after a night of sleep, but keep in mind :

    I wish to pay my mom back, and that is the goal. Had I received no more money, I would have had to ask my mom for an extra 100$, so it is about giving her money back. I do not want to demand that you guys give me 1500€ because I lost my passport, I would be ashamed of asking any group of people that, let alone you guys.

    It's on me. Donate whatever, any missing amount of money I swear to give it back to her myself.
  11. The game list for SGDQ was just finalized, and it seems @KevinDDR 's Tetris submission made the cut!!

    Seriously looking forward to this, and really wish I could be there! (and AGDQ2016 if you guys are still going to be able to make that)
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