Heboris Troubles (Also Hello Again!)

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Tiago Dutra, 15 Jun 2015.

  1. Hey guys, long time no see. It's been years since i last took a look here. It's a miracle i still remember the password! :p

    Anyway, i still play Tetris every now and then. Mostly Zeromeaner (Nullpomino's most active fork), and it never gave me any problems.

    Currently i have a job with some free time at a computer, so i figured i would install Zeromeaner to play when i have a break. Turns out the computer is too ancient to actually play the game at full speed, which is a bummer. :I

    However i figured out the good and old Heboris would work since it's really light. I scavenged the internet a little and found both the C++ and the MINI, both latest versions.

    I was satisfied since they both worked on my computer, but i was a bit sad i didn't find the "Heboris Packages" file anywhere. All the mirrors are down, and i really wanted the "LITE" version...

    Does anyone still have the file anywhere. If anyone does, i'll mirror it on my Dropbox and provide a link so it never gets lost again. :)
  2. Muf


  3. UPDATE: It seems that i found both the LITE and MINI versions on some person's baidu fileshare. I Pretty much have all of them now, with the exception of the UE Beta, and both LITE and MINI. I'm trying to download now but the connection is SO SLOW!

    After i'm done i'm gonna re-share them here with my Dropbox, Maybe i'll change the Heboris wiki pages too since they pretty much only have dead links...
  4. QUICK UPDATE (Why can't i edit my posts?)
    I found all the versions. Downloading now, ETA 41 Minutes. Now i know how dial-up internet users feel. :p
  5. Friggin Finally! Got it all packaged up and ready to upload to Dropbox.
    Here's the link, folks: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y1nxlx90d6uvyld/Heboris Collection.7z?dl=0

    I'll also consider updating the Wikis to link to it. So far, i guess it contains all versions, unless i missed one in the process.

    Also, if someone has trouble extracting the file, try updating 7zip to the latest beta/alpha, that may help.

    Thanks to anyone that helped (That means one guy, but hey, i love you all anyway. :))
  6. Wow, thanks for the effort to stay on top of this! I don't play (or have) Heboris anymore myself but it's always nice having someone keeping things up to date.
  7. No need to thank me. Some googling skills and a little luck helped me, and i really dislike when things go 404 on the internet and i can't find a mirror, so if anything, i was helping myself.

    But it's always joyful when you realize your work has helped people other than yourself. :)

    I guess the Dropbox link is theoretically permanent, as long as i don't delete the file myself and Dropbox.com doesn't go black for any reason. So, if you can keep a copy on your mediafire or something and link it here. it would be even better. ;)

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