Records: [Heboris] G1 Lowest Grade Challenge

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 14 Jun 2008.

  1. Grade 1 w/ 62235pt. 999 reached at 12:49:78. Used DS-World.


    213 Single

    32 Double

    1 Triple


    3 T-Spin Single
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  2. Muf


    This is going to suck, cause some of Heboris' rotation systems allow infinity or semi-infinity. The challenge is much more fun in real TGM games.
  3. Heh, maybe I should give it a shot with Heboris or Ti-ARS later.
  4. Ti-ARS.

    lol that was fun.

    I got all singles an doubles, with one or two triples.


    EDIT: lawl, just got GM on G1 as well. (Ti-ARS)

    EDIT2: damn, forgot to get the time, Ill play another round tomorrow, I am at work all day today.
  5. Seeing as I'm failing to break the Devil-Minus torikan time after time, I decided to let go and just play poorly.

    -1. rednefed -------- 2   49176 @ 13:04:56 Ti-ARS
    First place! [​IMG]
    Old replay replaced with new one.
  6. Got bored. Figure I'd put this here.

    Play your cards right and you can break the 7:00 torikan at 500 with ample time to spare (REGRETs force 368 seconds; you have 420) and in 20G, the time pressure's off.
    Unfortunately, 900-999 is fairly hard to REGRET unless you have a low stack, which you probably won't if you have a lot of garbage from trying to stick to singles. I was about two pieces away from dying when I saw a line clear of opportunity to hit 999.

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