Heboris C7-EX, updated for modern systems

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  1. I took a C++ version of Heboris C7-EX, modified/upgraded it, ported it to C, and have gotten it working on the three big desktop platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux. And the Mac version is Universal Binary for Intel and Apple Silicon. Maybe it's not that exciting for Windows users though, old versions still work fine on Windows. But as far as I can tell, this is the only version native for current Macs and macOS. Though the Windows version is 64-bit, which is kind of neat.

    An interesting side effect of it being so portable is that it works fine unchanged on many odd Linux systems, so long as everything needed is available. I find it to perform very well on my Raspberry Pi 3, running the latest Raspberry Pi OS.

    I've not changed the "content" of the game (modes, gameplay, etc.), and never plan to. The "content" code is really badly designed, and a complete headache to work with. I'm just doing what's necessary to get the old code working on today's systems.

    GitHub page (for the source code)
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  2. Excellent job!

  3. Is it possible to compile Heboris for RaspberryPi with GPIO input, as done by Report for Texmaster 2009?
  4. Theoretically, sure, all the source code is there, so the support could be added; though it's not merely a matter of rebuilding it, the support has to be added with new code. But I don't possess any means to develop that myself, I only have USB keyboards/game controllers, no GPIO hardware. I don't really like the idea of trying to add the support and being unable to test it, then you find it doesn't work, I try again, etc.; that just sounds annoying and counter-productive.
  5. Oh, after a bit of research it seems I could test if GPIO support is working, by just shorting GPIO pins with a wire, so I don't have to get anything new. So I'll add the support. But I think the support should be available only if enabled at build time, most people probably don't need it, and of course many systems can't use it.
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  6. This is very good news. Having two sacred monsters like Texmaster and Heboris on a RaspberryPI with no input lag is a dream. It is essential to use the pin scheme set by Report.
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    Been messing with this. some of the files from the original YGS2k port were missing (some of the mission and tomoyo mode stages) were missing. The next release will have these.

    BTW, anyone manage an Item Mode GM yet?

    It's actually quite challenging, because of the new items.

    Some items are really bad, and must be avoided by collecting the following item instead.

    Items that are GOOD include
    Copy Field (no effect, small time penalty)
    Exchange Field (no effect, small time penalty)
    Double (essentially no effect, and no time penalty)
    Hold Lock (A very minor inconvenience)
    Reverse Up/Down (also a very minor inconvenience)
    Transform (you can use IRS to avoid the transform effect, and if you need to 180 the piece, put it into hold instead)
    Boost Fire, when you are before 500 (slow 20g, which you should be able to handle if you can GM without Item Mode)
    Delete Even/Top/Bottom (these help you fix your stack, with a minor time and score penalty)
    Free Fall, when your stack is already fixed
    Color Block (a very minor inconvenience)
    Move left/right (usually improves your stack)

    The following items can be taken, but require special handling
    Grandmother Block (hides other item blocks, which can interfere with avoiding the ones you NEED to avoid)
    Mirror Block (can cause some trouble, but it's not THAT bad)
    Magnet block, but only at VERY low gravity. (zero lock delay is VERY rude!)
    Remote Control (this makes certain placements very difficult, but doesn't interfere with others very little effct once you get to 20G)
    Death Block (likely to mess things up unless you set up your stack to handle it)
    X-Ray (you can play through it, but it tends to be more inconvenient than color block)
    Time Stop (5 second delay increases the pressure)
    Dark Block (even worse than x-ray, but you can still play through it)
    Laser (you can usually move it to column 1 or 10. if you fail to do that it can cause issues)
    Shuffle (as long as your stack is flat (not a pyramid) it's manageable)
    Free Fall,when your field really needs it. it gives you garbage equal to the number of lines it cleared, and it's usually overstacked. But it's not the worst
    All Clear. it can fix anything, but the time penalty is significant, so you may not want to collect it. But will recover nicely form Nega field, 180 field or shot gun.
    16t weight. This can take out a hard block, but unless you stack is low, it hurts your score significantly.

    The following items are very difficult to handle, but not impossible. Take only if the other option is something even worse
    Roll Roll. At low gravity you need to slow down a lot to deal with it. At high gravity it can be brutal.
    Hide Next. In theory you can play through this. In practice, you will probably have to slow down a lot.
    Boost Fire AFTER level 500. Lock delay is halved. This require a lot of effort to handle. And this is with G1
    Reverse Left/Right (this is much more annoying than reverse up/down is!)
    Hard block (tends to mess up your stack in a way that takes time to fix)
    Fake Next (this seriously messes with your head even more than Hide Next, and takes a lot of practice to play through)
    Random (can give you something worse, only ever take if the alternative is one of them)
    180 field (with a flat stack, not so bad. with one not so flat, really hard to deal with)

    The following items will usually REALLY ruin your day, and you usually need to leave them on field.
    Miss (reflect and fever won't help you here, and it eats 30 seconds or more off of your timer! Also it WILL force you to deal with another item. this can end your run)
    Nega field. (The removal of so many cells without gaining levels or score tends to be very toxic to your run. only mangeable with a low stack)
    Magnet block, at high gravity. two forced misdrops in the center is a killer, and usually messes up your stack beyond rapid repair, when it doesn't kill you outright.
    Shot Gun. With a high stack, this ruins you run singlehandedly. Requires free fall, move left, or move right to fix. Only take if you can SEE one of those in your next queue, AND can't put off taking it long enough. Or if your stack is VERY low.
    Rotate Lock. While it's possible to get very lucky, more often than not, this ruins your stack to the point that it takes too long to fix, and will cause you to fail the next checkpoint all by itself.

    Try G1 first, and good luck making GM
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