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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Amnesia, 10 Mar 2010.

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    I feel sad in thinking that in the past, the 2 styles of High level tetris gaming were together under the name of one community.
    Now, the 2 groups has been splitted : there is Hard drop and Tetrisconcept.

    Do you know why we are only 250 here and they are now 1500 ??
    Is Hard drop more focused on amator skill (= much more players) than us ?

    I read a little bit some topic which pretend to discuss about the best players in the world and it seems that they only consider their style as the reference, I have not seen the name of jagorochi and c_t even one time, and mine has been mentioned only for my rubbish performance on BB last summer.
    I feel frustrated and upset against them. It seems too easy.
  2. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

  3. Muf


    1500? That's not the number of players, Amnesia. It's the number of people posting in the "What are you listening to" thread.
  4. They're only on 1500? They've slowed down massively in the number of members they've been getting in the last few months.

    There's no real difference between the two sites, just that TC doesn't advertise and whore itself out, and doesn't have Blink's Facebook fame to bring in newbies.

    In letting people find us, most of the people who register at TC have a decent chance of sticking around, because just finding this place shows they've got more than your average interest in Tetris. No point having thousands of registered members if they don't actually visit the site again...
  5. I don't think that HD v TC is the way to go about this. These sites are not competing. Each site offers something different and people can go to both sites if they want. TC is more TGM while HD is more SRS.

    Now HD has something that gets them more members, and that is the whole community stuff. Instead of being mainly Tetris it lends itself to a lot of random talking, like Mufunyo mentioned, threads like "What are you listening to". Not exactly my cup of tea, but it does help get members for them.

    If you want more TGM discussion on HD then go onto HD and start threads about TGM. Put up TGM guides and such. Know that most of the members in the "What are you wearing today" threads probably don't know much about TGM. Lure people with the exciting game play of TGM.
  6. I've never understood this logic. Or more, I've never understood why anyone would expect us to ever bother to do that. We could make the threads on HD, or we could just make the threads here and get far more intelligent replies, and not have to put up with crap from the likes of Corrosive.
  7. I thought Amnesia's problem was there was no TGM discussion on HD. If people don't like that they could easily just post TGM discussion on HD. I never said you would get good replies at all. In fact your point is very valid.

    However, if for whatever reason someone wanted TGM discussion on HD all they have to do is start a new thread. It will be buried very quickly under other threads, but that is just how things go. You could disguise it as "What do you where while playing TGM" that might get some replies, but you said something about intelligent replies, so I guess that is out.
  8. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    It is not exactely that, they ignore it, and worse, some people like corrosive dramaticaly underestimate it.

    Now I disagree, because I spent a several moment to play in their domain, I stayed a while on BB to appreciate and discover a lot of subtilities on OG style. I also spent a long period on SRS, so I CAN pretend to have a general knowledge which allow me to judge more than them.
    I will never be defeated against a noob on SRS, like blink who has been unable to resist to my girlfriend who had even no capacity of creating pressure on any opponent.
    It is just an idea I can't get, for a world class player to be beaten by a common player.

    No need to add that they played ARS 20G, and blink had no experience with that, but still. It would be for me like, massacring the best PES player in the world on a FIFA game !

    I admit that blink, trance, corrosive, jujube, caffeine, meow and a lot of other players are astonishing on versus, I will never reach the half of their skill, but I just can't accept that they pretend to be the world reference on TETRIS with no interest at all on TGM.
  9. I really don't get why you bring that up so much. I am pretty sure I could also beat Blink in a game that he never plays.

    SRS as far as the world tetris scene goes is basically the judge, because ARS is just not used enough around the world. Japan has TOJ, America can play TF, Korea has hangame(or however you spell it). Sure they are ignoring TGM, but can one really blame them?

    I love TGM. Think it is a great game, and a real challenge. That being said, SRS is basically the world reference. If TGM wanted to be popular outside of Japan then they would have made more than TGM:Ace available.
  10. :sowsuser:


    You act like it was remotely possible for Arika to get a worldwide license. :<
    TTC is notorious for screwing Arika over when it comes to console releases in Japan, so it really is no surprise that they haven't been able to pull off a worldwide release thus far.

    I don't really think ACE would have been a good "world premiere" game anyhow, but that is a whole other story.
  11. True. I have heard something along those lines. But regardless of whose fault it is, the fact remains that it just doesn't have a big standing outside Japan. It needs to be more available, but I am sure anyone who likes the game already wishes that. I just can't blame people for ignoring it. It is hard to be competitive in games that are not available to play. At least not easily, or with legal means.
  12. I still don't get why
    Cause people didn't mention TGM players? Most people (including myself) don't know that many TGM players just like you don't know that many vs players.

  13. I respect TGM and the skill all of you have in single player TETRIS.

    It's a different kind of skill that you and I have, us SRS players suck at TGM and you guys really suck at multiplayer. Who is to say which type takes more skill? If I spent as much time playing TGM as I have multiplayer (7+ years) then I would probably be a GM and all of that fancy stuff too and vice versa.

    The multiplayer scene sucks now because one, there is all these games that are dividing everyone: TOJ, TF Live, Blockbox, tnet2. And two, everything is changed now and tspins and combos have taken over, which is really a dramatic change in the whole game. I prefer the old style of play (tetrinet) and 98% of everyone else on HD hates it. I wish there would be just one recognized game that everyone plays and are all under the same roof, even if it has tspins which of course it will. I could either keep bitching and quit the TETRIS scene or jump on the next PC multiplayer game that TTC releases.

    And you have to admit that multiplayer is less nerdy than TGM, and a lot less nerdy than playing arcade TETRIS. I'm not even religious about tnet2 or TETRIS in general like you guys are. Some of you need to lose your virginity and get out of the house.

    P.S. mad respect for colour_thief and Kitaru
  14. m:)


    i post here, i post there.

    the forums move slowly there as well. Overall it's a nice group of people. As mentioned there has been much more recruiting over there.

    the whole devision that came when tc.com closed is kind of a bummer.

    I thought this thread was going to be some kind of challenge between the two lol.
  15. You really should avoid such conclusions to your posts, makes the whole thing useless ;)
  16. TC = TGM
    HD = SRS

    Number of people playing SRS >>>> Number of people playing ARS.


    That, and what Red_Star said (we do lack a place to rant about real life)(I'm still favorable to a "General Tavern" thread).

    Now, if you want more people in TC, you have to offer something more than a forum. If you look at HD, there's news, user's blogs...

    I'm not saying TC should be like HD to bring more people, but I think there's not much incentive to register and contribute to TC, other than "Oh. There's a bunch of Tetris geeks. And they play an awesome and mad Tetris. Let's join !".
    I'm not saying having few people is bad either. I'm a regular in a french forum (BouleDeFeu, aka Boulette) that has more or less exactly the same setting than TC, and we're perfectly happy with that.
  17. Muf


    IRC. Real life stuff needs to be neither archived nor in the public eye. Also Facebook (most TC members are friended on Facebook).
  18. Arcade tetris is more nerdy? I'm pretty sure we actually go to an arcade and talk to each other in real life instead of playing random people on the internet. Regardless, I won't hold it against you.
  19. o_O
  20. m:)


    I refuse to make an account on facebook.

    but, the general forum here is "general" so any topic should be ok.

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