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If you know Odo from ST:DS9, which of the below do you find more comical?

  1. ...hitting the fan?

  2. ...getting canned?

  3. ...being put under pressure?

  4. ...spilling the beans?

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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm a Tetris-fan and admittedly still quite an amateur at best but I'm slowly getting better (at least not getting worse). I just wanted to say hello to everyone! Great finding a site full of like minded individuals! So any GM's here that might have some tricks and tips to share? - D. Achaz

    That said, I hail from a far away place, a land once ruled by the dreaded Turner and a benevolent Popovich. There I met a kindred spirit -- you know of him as DeHackEd -- whose unparalleled control-breaking abilities brought us safe passage across crude blocks set by the Turner. Soon thereafter, only the Popovich remained. I recall how DJGPP roamed freely then, as did anyone with unlimited print credits. As time passed... Sokath, his eyes opened... the Odo melted and... in rot 13 we wrote... uv frna, qvq lbh zvff zr? -PG
  2. I have a tips to share. I'm assuming you want tips on the Grand Master series as you mentioned GM though I'd probably be able to help more if I could see how you play. Also a lot of the tips I'm about to mention could also be found in this guide. Anyway..
    1. Remember what pieces you've recently had. TGM uses a randomiser for it's pieces yet it will try to give you a piece you haven't had in a while.
    2. If you're mainly playing TGM1 or 2, make sure to leave enough space on the field for your I-piece to rotate properly (as explained here.)
    3. Once you've reached a speed where you don't have enough freedom to move pieces before they fall all the way down (Basically 20G), you may want to adapt your stack to a more pyramid-like shape to allow better movement for your pieces (as explained here.)
    4. Don't constantly rely on a single piece to get you out of situations (This tip partially intertwines with tip #1.)
    5. You won't get GM overnight no matter how much knowledge you cram in. Sometimes you just need to practice the knowledge so it becomes a sub-conscious thought.
    6. If it first you don't succeed, put the block better.
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  3. Muf


    If at first you don't put the block, put the block.

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  4. COL


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  5. Thanks all! I've got some reading to do it seems.
  6. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Inside jokes are both the best jokes, and the worst jokes.

    Also how you been? Haven't seen you since you randomly comment on a youtube video of mine that for some reason has since disappeared.
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  7. I'm doing well, in fact one could say that I've been functioning within specified parameters. In short it's been busy across all areas and I know what you mean about inside jokes.

    I do apologize for disappearing, it certainly was not intended but just incase my email is and similarly over twitter (as I know your note a fb person) -- Take a look at RegulatoryDad (@CharlesTam):

    I'm always keen on catching up.

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