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  1. Curious about the penguin stuff...
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  2. My first reaction as well.
  3. B-Type win animations. We probably haven't watched most of them, but some have various animals and aircraft (like the "Good" blimp, haha).
  4. Tried a few of those; haven't found a useful one yet. :D

    Here's a list I found online. It's probably here somewhere already, but pasting if not:

    ENEOOGEZ - No score cap ZESAKPAE - DAS always charged
    IEKEOPAO - Faster auto-shift, three frames per second
    TEKEOPAO - Faster auto-shift, four frames per second
    YEKEOPAO - Faster auto-shift, five frames per second
    SXKAKPVT - No auto-shift, must tap to move
    GEKEEPAO AEKESOZE - PAL auto-shifting
    NYSPEZLE - Skip rocket sequence
    OPSPEZLE - Only get the rocket sequence if you max-out the score
    GPVEPKZA - A+Start = begin an additional 10 levels higher (20 levels higher)
    ZAUAPPPA - Forces game into 2-player mode
    XZNASPVZ LPNAVPGG - Forces the pieces to drop at Level 19 speeds
    ZEEEVPAL PEEENOLZ - Level 29 trainer (Start on Level 00 with 28 speed, go to Level 29 speed when you advance to Level 01)
    LANAKPPA ZPNEEEOIP EPNEOPEL - Pieces fall at Level 18 speed until Level 19
    APSEGYIZ - 10 Lines for "Success" on b-type
    AISEGYIZ - 50 Lines for "Success" on b-type
    EASEGYIZ - 80 Lines for "Success" on b-type
    TOUZYLTO - Still show screen when paused
    TVLOVA - Every piece above level 9 has a delay at the top
    OKEAKPAO - Pieces don't fall at all, unless you press down
    PASAUPPE - Super fast down press
    SXVPKASA - Play a game were you get only the same piece
    VUKEILXX - Split screen 2 player mode
    ENEALYNN - Controller 1 controls flip, Controller 2 controller controls left/right
    PAKVLZAA SYSTAXKP - Unused/hidden music
    SXNEUOSE - Disable shift piece left sound
    SXVAVOSE - Disable shift piece right sound
    SXKEOESE - Disable rotate piece clockwise sound
    SXVAUESE - Disable rotate piece counter-clockwise sound
    SXNONXSE - Disable piece lock sound
    PGNAVPGG PANEEOIP ZEEEVPAU - Makes pieces fall similar to how they fall on SNES levels 29-31
    OXYOUO VNIPZN VNTPYN - Invisible Tetris
    PENPAYGA AENOAYIA - All lines clear instantly
    TPNPGVYL - No flash on Tetrises
    GAOPEILA GGOPSZEN YGOPVZAL XPOPNZSX - Never die (Press Start on top-out to reset board)
    SXVOKLAP - Game transitions every 10 lines regardless of starting level
    EYTZAG - Press Start to skip copyright screen straight away
    EYTZAG PALEGZ - Auto-skip copyright screen
    SGSVSKNY XYSVVKNY - Add a basic drum line to Music C
    ATEEXZSZ - Pieces are invisible until they hit the stack
    IZVOXAIA TZVOUALP - Replaces level 7 colors with a pink and orange palette
    LPVOUALO GPVOXAIE - Replaces level 7 colors with a blue and green palette
    IPVOXAIA - Changes level 7 red to a pink (to fix the palette in only one code if you need the other two)
    LANAKPPA ZPNEEOIP - Speed never increases past 18 speed regardless of level
    ZANAKPPA - No killscreen, level 29+ continues on 19 speed
    XVVOVLVV - Disables level transitions
    PAZPUT - A+B+Start+Select returns to title screen (PAZOOT for PAL)
    LAZPUT - A+B+Start+Select returns to level select (LAZOOT for PAL)
    VNUASASL VNSAEASL - Tetris Mind Meld (P1 controls movement, P2 controls rotation)
    TAOPOPYA APOPXPEY - Much fewer longbars
    TAXOUPYA TAUPEPYA - When added to prev. two, no longbars.
    AAXOXGGA AEOOUGGA - Score does not show during the game
    AEOOUGGA - Score does not update during game until pushdown points are scored
    VLEAKAYO - Turn B-Type into cheese race (1 hole per layer)

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