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  1. Hi everyone!

    So, I've just seen the game list for the Summer Games Done Quick marathon and, being hooked to it since AGDQ 2014, I decided that at some point it would be nice to get into it. That also joins the TGM team idea M.Bison was talking about in an earlier topic, and I think it definitely could exist, at least for one episode.

    The thing is, I wonder what kind of format could exist. I always dreamt of making TGM2 an "100%" entry for one player, but that's simply retarded hard (especially if you want the Master mode to be Orange-GM standard). It would be nice to just have one game of something, but it would not last very long compared to the nice (and too big for AGDQ) format we all saw in the STG weekly episode.

    My rough idea would be some sort of co-op 100% run of TAP/TI in which everyone who has a specialized field tries one of the modes individually, so that would complete every of the runs as a team effort... I have no idea if it's actually doable or not.

    Another problem : I think one way to prepare/legitimate our coming here would be getting to SDA or SRL, but for me it would be pretty hard to submit anything, having restricted access to the arcade machines themselves (and I think a lot of people here might feel the same way).

    So, does anyone have an idea? How do you feel about that?
  2. Well, I nailed a one-off Green GM and I'm pretty washed up at the moment, so I'd say it's within the realm of possibility. ;) If not, aim for time attack straight and try your hardest to "upgrade categories" to the GM? A good any% is still going to be pretty slick.

    Possibly. You'd want to strike up the right balance in terms of showing off modes without subjecting audiences to "too much block game" -- it has a risk of getting repetitive depending on the format. Also, unfortunately wacky neat stuff like Easy is only suitable for a score demo, and not so much a speedrun since it's just a less interesting double-up on more of what you're going to see in Master. (Sakura, however, is dope as hell.) Anyway, if the co-op/relay format doesn't pan out, a straight-up "The Masters" race might be a good way to go. TAP also features Cement Mode which gives both players the same seed with no garbage sending (i.e. straight-up racing), so that's worth considering.

    We've dabbled in racing it on SRL a tad, might be worth reviving in some form. Emulator is acceptable for racing, so it'd at least raise awareness of "Tetris as a speedgame," potentially.

    I was also thinking of making a post on SDA that links the AGR show as well as summarizes some of the key takeaways, since there were some excellent quotes in there that show how TGM works as a speedgame, the inclusion of RNG notwithstanding.
  3. I have thought about this in the past and would love to come to one of these events. If we do end up coming up with a plan, let me know and I will be more than happy to whip myself into shape and come. :)
  4. I'm "close" to where they stream this so I would totally be down to play some.
  5. I personally think that TAP 100% would be amazing. Whatever happens, if people feel okay to come to the upcoming SGDQ and show a little bit of the game, this would be really good for exposure. Some people feeling it?
  6. So, going to a practice room or something with a setup to let people try it out or something? It's an interesting idea, though not sure how feasible it is for me to consider at the moment.
  7. Yeah, that with people trying it out, and more especially make some runs of the game yourself. Basically, from what some attendants have told me, you have several rooms in which you get to practice some of your games (completely natural for people who are up on stream later during the week). So if anyone can manage to show a few games like at the STG weekly and see how people react to it, what they would advise for the upcoming AGDQs, I think it would be great.

    I would love to come over for SGDQ 2014, but unfortunately this is the time when I have to take care of my written reports in Tokyo. It's not gonna look too good either way at my room with the rain and cockroaches season lol, but I'll definitely try to get there for AGDQ 2015 and do everything I can.
  8. Oh oh!

    Turns out it's possible to make something out for SGDQ in the main schedule! Discounted hotel rates has very few days left. Does someone want to get in there? If not, that's totally fine, I'm sure we can work something out for AGDQ 2015 (heck, I might even be there!).

    I talked a little bit with ont of the guys and apparently, they're okay with just simple gameplay of the beast :)
  9. Unfortunately SGDQ would just be too soon for me as the flight would be too expensive on such short notice given that I just bought another candy cab. I could definitely make AGDQ work though and since I'll be starting regular streams soon I should be in tip top shape by then. Anyone else interested in AGDQ?
  10. Fair enough. I too am very interested in streaming so yeah, AGDQ should be fun hopefully :)

    The dates for the SGDQ TGM show would be June 27 28 in Denver, for those who are hesitating
  11. I'm interested in planning something for AGDQ possibly. Are the dates set yet?
  12. They aren't yet, but usually it's something like the first week of January, with -- I assume -- arrangements for people who can't come during a specific day
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  14. Muf


  15. I don't know what you could possibly be talking about.

    So! I guess this is that time again to check the availabilities, though it seemed we got a strong showing of interest at the time for AGDQ 2015.

    First off, who's interested/is considering coming in/is already in there since Magfest is (kinda) nearby/wants to play/wants to commentate?

    Second off, what are your ideas of game mode that could be displayed?

    We'll see what to do once this gets a bit more clear. I kinda want to do everything, but of course I honsetly think it's wise to give the spotlight in a STG weekly way. Just write whatever you want to write :)
  16. I'm in the area. I don't really have the ability to finish any of the game modes on demand, though I could possibly get there for TGM1.
  17. Hm. We have from 16th of August to the 31st to suggest a TGM game.

    This is actually getting a bit faster than I thought, I had no idea how the suggestion list was working. So just so you know :

    The first of my concerns is really that the game is not really a speedrun game and works better in a demonstration kind of run, so I even wonder if waiting till mid August to suggest something that's a bit different and wait for a response might be such a good thing at all.

    Of course there are other problems/things to think of related to the topic at hand : The game(s) we'll pick, the format we'll go for (race? Co-op? Demo?), the mode(s) we'll go for, the descrpition to give, the highlight videos to give and the material. Some of them are quite easy, some other surely demand a bit of discussion.

    If anything, I'd like to directly contact one of the staff to inform about this kind of thing, since they were so nice to contact us before SGDQ 2014. Does anyone have suggestions/advice?
  18. Not sure what you mean by "not a speedrun game." It's a game where one of the core focuses is optimization of time, to the point where it is the integral to ranking performances on the scoreboards -- that seems to make it a speedrun game by definition, perhaps even more explicitly than a lot of the games traditionally used in the community.

    It's not "a speedrun game" in the same way that Super Mario 64 or Metroid Prime are due to the lack of set stage structure that lends to routing (except in the case of Sakura); instead, it focuses on the accumulation of techniques optimizations that can be used to quickly and efficiently handle the unique situations presented in each game. And, despite being a game "with RNG," -- almost entirely so -- the clear time is rather consistent from game to game, especially in runs without mistakes.

    TGM1 is a prime candidate for a race. I've had a lot of close races with Kevin, including our "Portland hotel bill money match" where we both cleared within a half a second of each other. However, what it has in consistency, it lacks somewhat in the flash or appeal of TGM2+ or TGM3. I think TGM2+ would be the choice with the best balance of consistency and variety, at the expense of raw speedfreak Shirase bone block nonsense.

    EDIT: Given that there have been scoring demos like zallard1's Star Fox 64 at the last AGDQ (albeit in a bid war against him doing a speedrun instead), I think a demo of a "not a speedrun" speed game isn't entirely out of the cards. ;)
  19. Yeah, what I meant is that since the game does not explicitly have a goal other than GM, counterstop (let's say GM since it's asking you to go good for the next play) or trying to have the best ranking on the leaderboards, you can do pretty much everything and it would still look awesome. In TAP, you could even try secret grade GM, normal/any mode high score, or simply aim for Master GM. Aiming for GM and aiming for Master counterstop are two different things altogether, and you might have different interesting things in these categories. Of course we would like to show a little bit of invisible, but in my case that demands that I slow down, which potentially reduces the entertainment value and definitely changes the speed objective (At my level GM feels more like zero mission hard low% at AGDQ 2014 if you've seen this gem. Not quick, but a steady and unsafe run to the end).

    I guess that was not the right wording on my part, I should've said that the format of the game makes it hard to find a completely defined schedule that's optimal to show mostly everything the game has to offer. STG Weekly had that feeling of "Well, should we show a bit of that?" that made it quite interesting, but AGDQ might be asking for a less loosely defined schedule, like you said about the routing. Both ways could be equally as interesting, but essentially that means that we can either do a not-really-speedrun-demo-kinda-thing in which it's like in STG, or actually give a defined objective in advance, and (try and) respect it. So I don't know how you guys feel about that.

    Anyway, like you said, it might still be possible to submit it as a demo more than a speedrun, but since we're pretty much coming from nowhere, I think I'll still give a quick private message/post on topic, just in case.

    Oh, and after thinking a bit about it, I would pretty much agree with you on TGM2. And the idea that you guys do a TGM1 race is actually a very good thing. If TGM1 makes it, I think pretty much everyone would agree it would be a nice opportunity to talk about the game, its mechanics etc before going to TGM2
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  20. TGM+ could potentially be more interesting for spectators due to the garbage.

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