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  1. Lately I think I've become the resident TGM stream viewer on Twitch. At least for the newer players, I try to ask what their goals are regarding this wonderful game series and I also try to provide some encouragement since the first few months can be a bit rough. Recently I felt compelled to work on and release some tools I've created to (hopefully) aid the community.

    I've modified shmupmametgm to output piece placement data to a text file when a game of TAP is completed. You can then paste the file's contents here to generate a fumen diagram of the game. To enable this functionality, you must run this version of shmupmametgm with the '-fumen' switch, or specify "fumen 1" in your mame.ini. Note: debug functionality is used to read from memory through enabling MAME's cheat subsystem.

    For whatever it's worth, I've successfully run replays from this version of MAME on vanilla shmupmametgm. I believe input records are based on emulated CPU time, so I'm pretty confident that I didn't touch anything that affects gameplay.



    I haven't done all that much testing yet, but I hope it works as well for you as it does for me.

    source code
    (Main modified file is src/emu/mame.c, src/emu/fumen.c contains all the TAP-specific logging code)

    Everything's still a bit rough, but I'm working on it! Deep down I feel that emulation is still taboo. Part of me (rightly) feels as though my personal records aren't completely valid, but I hope this is still okay to talk about.

    • TAP Master M fumen. The comment for each level in this example only shows the current grade. If there's a '~' next to it, that means all the M-Roll conditions have been met so far.
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  2. Lamb, good of you to post your sorces, and not to merely hoard them, and only give out a corpse of an executable.

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