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  1. If you have computer->PS3->TV all hooked up by wires, why wouldn't you just go computer->TV and make life a bit easier?
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    Re: ps3 tetris


    • Ethernet, even gigabit, has a distance limit of over 300 feet and is extendible
    • There's already some ethernet going around my house
    • My PS3 is near my TV. My computer is not
    • Dual monitor with a 52" LCD TV is kinda unwieldy

    The PS3 performs poorly for mid-high bitrates over wifi. :(
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    That's the one I was missing :p
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    A colleague of mine had his whole house wired for LAN, and he said to me "If it's close enough to WiFi, it's always close enough to cable up properly". I've had or set up for other people several wifis and they are rarely perfect, mine for example has droppages sometimes, enough to stall YouTube or disconnect from games and my USB wifi dongle constantly overheats! I am starting to think that guy was truly wise...
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    wireless connections suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    no. cables suck. usb wifi dongles suck.
    u can't connect your mobile devices without wifi.

    i use wifi since 1999 and it works very well.
    get a good router: 802.11n and if possible dual band which can come in handy.
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    Re: ps3 tetris

    Problem is the PS3 isn't bandwidth intelligent. It asks for data in little chunks from a media server. Or maybe this media server is presenting it in a funny way. Point is the bandwidth requirements for video playback are inflated.

    Also, Wifi is a half-duplex medium with overhead. Wired ethernet is just a packet transmission system (assuming no hubs). Conversely wireless requires each endpoint to only ever transmit one at a time, with synchronization necessary and recovery in case anybody screws up. There isn't collision detection because a radio can't receive while transmitting. That doesn't even talk about problems of several APs on the same or adjacent frequencies. Oh, and if two wireless devices want to communicate, you send to the AP which will retransmit it for you. How annoying is that?

    Wifi sucks. It's convenient and I wouldn't give it up, but it sucks.

    In the context of tetris for PS3, the bandwidth requirements for the game would be minimal when playing, and even 802.11g is faster than most of our internet connections so it's a non-issue. 720p MPEG2 (yes, I said 2) is another matter.

    (End of off-topic wifi discussion)
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    it's not the end when u say it. and wifi doesn't suck. spare me the annoying cable-elitism.

    i just did testing myself. my connection is 16mb/s downstream 1mb/s upstream. bandwidth doesn´t matter tho for gaming. this is all about latency. it's a ps3 slim + airport extreme (802.11n router). it was tested on 2 different hosts (vienna and bratislava) best one was vienna (which is also where i am located). 10-15 tests with ethernet and 10-15 tests with wireless.

    the best result from wireless:
    ping: 34ms jitter: 9ms

    the best result from wired:
    ping: 32ms jitter: 8ms

    typical results were 0-5ms more on either setup.

    1000ms = 1 second. the difference has no impact whatsoever.
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    Thanks for that. Your post had me really fucking confused up until you wrote that.
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    Re: ps3 tetris

    All you've done is show that wireless latency increase (maybe 1 or 2 milliseconds) is nothing compared to the latency of your typical cable/DSL modem. I was talking about the latency/throughput on the local LAN using the PS3 as a media player and my PC as a media server. It's a bit more demanding than anything your internet uplink can provide.on hardware less than 5 years old.

    And it usually is the end when I say it is. At the very least everyone was supposed to agree it was off-topic. Let's try it again anyways: end of subthread.
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    u are annoying me. who does it hurt if we discuss something off topic here? saying that it's the end of discussion is a lame tactic on message boards which gives the one who says it the last word.

    you state over and over that wifi sucks sucks sucks. u are not the only one in this thread or in general to do so. it's wrong. it's just another router. it's never point a-b online...there are always 20 routers in between.

    if u wanna stream 1080p video at home to your ps3 or whatever u can do that without problems with a wifi router that supports 802.11n. it's almost 2011. (i have done so without problems and so have others.)
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    As if you are the only one being annoyed.

    Anyone that doesn't want to put up with the nonsense you are spewing. (Believe it or not, there are people who came to this thread to read about and discuss the new -- and likely mediocre -- Tetris game EA is developing for the PS3.)

    Take it to PM. No one cares about your ill-formed arguments. When an admin says it is the end of a subthread, it is the end of the goddamn subthread.


    And wired is just another switch.

    Irrelevant. Learn to read.

    Resolution is not directly responsible for bitrate. If you -- again -- would learn to read, he said (and I quote) "720p MPEG2 (yes, I said 2)" -- emphasis mine.
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    "(Believe it or not, there are people who came to this thread to read about and discuss the new -- and likely mediocre -- Tetris game EA is developing for the PS3.)"

    all 5 of em!

    "When an admin says it is the end of a subthread, it is the end of the goddamn subthread."

    why? because he has a bigger e-penis?


    point me to a fact. u are just another guy who says that wifi suuuuuuuuuuucks. dumb and wrong.

    "Irrelevant. Learn to read."

    what a lame attack on my personality. it's not so easy for me to express myself when english isn't my native language.
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    This connects back to the very probable mediocrity of the game in question.

    No, because he moderates the quality of discussion on this forum, and it has clearly gone downhill in this thread.

    Try reading the well-stated technical information DeHackEd cited again and come back when you're ready to have an intelligent discussion.

    It isn't an attack on on your personality nor the fact that English is your second language. It is that you have not made the slightest effort to recognize or comprehend the quite logical arguments of others and have continued to abuse falsehoods and fallacies. If you had any trouble understanding the points being presented and were actually interested in continuing with polite discourse, you could have easily asked for clarification.

    A troll is a troll. Get out.
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    Resolution is not directly responsible for bitrate. If you -- again -- would learn to read, he said (and I quote) "720p MPEG2 (yes, I said 2)" -- emphasis mine.

    720p mpeg 2 has approximately 19mbit/s. so what? bluray at 1080p has 40mbit/s. 802.11n can do up to 270mbit at close range. at a good distance from the base u get 70 mbit. works just fine.

    i have streamed 1080p without problems.

    if u have problems with range/stability then u need to extend ur wifi network.

    doesn't matter how often ppl say wifi works great for gaming and video streaming.
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    Thank you.

    Well, you haven't given a specific distance, but from the sound of close range could you not just plug it in and ensure a stable connection?

    Much like you have cited your personal experience here, others will cite their own.

    No one is saying wifi is a useless piece of crap -- just that there are more factors in play that can hinder its reliability; that much isn't up for debate. These technical limitations don't mean that wifi _can't_ work well, but wired is a lot less prone to such troubles by nature and it isn't as simple as just "[extending] your wifi network."
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    Re: ps3 tetris

    You know Kitaru, you could've not fed the troll and the thread would've been a lot cleaner. As for paul, just shut up if you don't have the faintest what the hell you're talking about, seriously.
  18. P.S. wifi suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  19. Your argument is invalid, however your opinion is respected.
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    Wow, someone else reads homestuck.

    Okay, time to kill this once and for all. I'll be using logic as my weapon of choice.

    The playstation is not a 802.11n device. That slows the whole network down while it's using it. The speed argument is rendered invalid.

    Wireless has a lot of overhead. There's coordinated sending, acknowledgement of clear reception, etc on top of TCP. Of your 54 megabits you're liable to get half that.

    My media server of choice is PMS (HA!). One of the nicer features is that it will play almost any video the PS3 doesn't support by feeding it into mencoder to produce MPEG2 video. To keep quality high in the face of real-time transcoding of high-res material, mencoder is permitted to solve this problem by throwing bits at it. Among other things it produces keyframes very frequently. Static images may have high bitrate if each of those I frames require a lot of bits to describe accurately. One of the pier21 TGM1 masters videos is rather static to look at but requires over 20 megabits for video alone.

    Finally, as I've said, the PS3 is bandwidth inefficient. I'm not entirely sure what this means myself, but I can do a copy-to-hard-drive in 10 minutes, yet the same 20 minute TV show streamed will sputter and cough the whole way. Maybe I'll run wireshark sometime.

    Now, run 50 feet of Cat5e from the gigabit switch port to the gigabit PS3 and suddenly all problems go away.

    There. I'm done.

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