From Below - a free NES Tetris Game

Thread in 'Other games' started by joemaro, 9 Jan 2023.

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    Here's what the creator says about it:

    When creating From Below I aimed to create the best feeling Tetris-like on the NES. In addition to the core gameplay you expect, the game features modern gameplay mechanics like Lock Delay, Wall Kicks, “Kill Screen” and Hard Drops, giving the game a much more fluid feeling experience than Tetris (NES, 1989). For the pros out there, I hope that this can one day become the go-to competitive game in the genre. For the players looking for something new, From Below offers entirely new modes of play, where you will battle a Kraken as it attempts to attack your fortress.
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  2. while i think, that it's pretty much impossible to find a better tetris game than LJ65, this still looks interesting and plays very well ... will dive into this a bit ...

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