FIY: Nvidia's Shadowplay (always-on recording) is actually quite serviceable for MAME

Thread in 'Discussion' started by PetitPrince, 24 Nov 2013.

  1. If you have a fairly recent Nvidia GPU (starting from Geforce series 6xx), are running Windows and have installed the actually-it's-great-not-to-check-for-drivers-once-in-a-while Geforce Experience software, you may have noticed that they have added the "Shadowplay" functionality for quite some time now.

    I was wondering if it was working with MAME and... it does !

    I think it's quite good:
    1. It gives you an already compressed, 1080p, 60 FPS file (h.264, this 3:38 footage weights 376 MB)
    2. and since it's using the GPU hardware encoder, there's no (I haven't felt any anyways) additional lag whatsoever contrary to some other more traditional screen recorder.
    There's some drawback though:
    1. You have to play fullscreen
    2. You have to keep some 5-ish GB free in your hard-drive (less if you use the medium or low quality setting)
    3. Doesn't work with older Nvidia GPU
    Issue 3 I don't care, issue 2 is sort-of a non-issue since storage is cheap nowadays, issue 1 is a tad more problematic if you'd like to keep an eye on IRC or twitch or youtube or whatever while you are playing (why would you do that ?).
  2. Re: FIY: Nvidia's Shadowplay (always-on recording) is actually quite serviceable for

    That's cool. Good to know! In the past I've used Fraps, but I doubt it uses the GPU.

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