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Thread in 'Competition' started by wasmachstdugern, 19 Jun 2015.

  1. today i had what i thought was my most epic save ever. a game i really had no business living through to tell the tale of (and even then i complained to the tetris gods about my piece distribution). i have had a few like this before, but none this epic (the save happens @ level 25).

    post your best saves for the world to see!
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  3. fuck yeah! that is the shit i am talking about! well played, sir (and somehow i knew youd have something to offer up).
  4. right side well, too.
  5. I guess
    could count, though I didn't live very long... There has to be real good stuff from jago, I'm sure :)
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  6. no fucking way! those two lines at the top were literally the ONLY pieces that could have saved you! well played!

  7. The very first game and how it ended. So around 2:15 in that video.
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  8. Wow, that's awesome on such a high level!
    Funny how in TGM those overhangs actually seem like something you'd want to do intentionally, but in NES Tetris they are deadly.
  9. Some more eye candy guys :
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  10. I had a pretty nice save just at the transition. Was pretty sure it was all going down

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  11. I had a pretty crazy one... Even though I didn't actually end up saving it

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  12. This one was pretty cool.

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  13. One of my more crazy saves involving a double tap tuck...

  14. Nice save Chad, did you hypertap to get it to move over 2 places?
  15. Yeah as I recall it was a purely adrenaline fueled hypertap, heh. For a split second I weirded out that it even worked.
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  16. I guess I should put this one, I think this one is my number 1 and I don't think I'll get something higher than this guy. So after that video I'll keep on liking your posts guys.

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  17. Not mine, but I'm surprised no one has posed CT's Death run at Awesome Game Replays. It's not so much of a save as it is a huge clutch but holy shit this is fantastic

    (it's the very first run; it starts at ~lv750 but eh)
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  18. Is it the tuck with the O piece? Definitely clutch! Luckily it stays just under the "hypertap" threshold, so if you start holding right as early as possible (being careful not to input too early and misdrop on top of the L!) I think you can just hold Right the rest of the time and it'll make it. Making two Right taps is still safe and guarantees full DAS just in case the first shift is late (into open air instead of against the L for the free charge).
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  19. It's awesome that you know this!
  20. That I piece IRS maneuver at the end is amazing.

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