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  1. Eirstt (I will change the name as soon as I find a better one) is a tetris engine and clone developed by Deeem2031.

    I mainly developed this engine because I thought there's a lack of good tetris multi-player games. Besides it should be an engine powerful enough to emulate any kind of tetris modes accurately.

    Please note both, the engine and the clone, are still pre-beta. There are still plenty of things I want to add.

    Current version is 0.2.1
    Download link: http://www.deeem2031.de/Tetris/eirstt.zip

    The default keyboard settings are "y s x c" and "m , .".
    The game reacts by default to the first joysticks x- and y-axis Button 0,1 and 2 as also to the first POV.
    These settings beside others may be changed in the eirstt.ini. (start the game once to create it)

    Feel free to post bugs and feature requests.

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  2. mac version?
  3. Currently a mac version is not very high priority to me because I don't think there are many users that use macs and it would be quite hard for me to create one, as I probably have to change a few things and don't even have a mac where I could compile eirstt on.

    Sorry, maybe later.

    (Pretty much the same for a linux version, even though that's more likely to happen soon)
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  4. Instant rotation works with A and B, but not C.
  5. Thanks, fixed in
    See first post for download link.
  6. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    A few points:
    • There's a bug with the randomizer (I got dealt an O as my first piece).
    • There seems to be something wrong with sound playback; it just sounds really bad. Not sure if this is just me or if other people are experiencing the same thing.
    • Feature request: would it be possible to allow the defining of the x,y location of screen elements in the .ini, instead of moving the playfield about with the mouse? And would it be possible to define the location of the playfield, score, time, input display, etc, separately from each other?

    That's all for now Deeem :)
  7. The history6roll.dll randomizer, which is set by default, deals any tetromino as first piece. I don't really want to change this because "history6roll" doesn't imply such kind of restriction.
    I changed the default randomizer to tap.dll for future releases.

    As we already discussed in the IRC channel: I currently have no idea what could cause this.

    I added PlayerPosX and PlayerPosY to the .ini which set the position of the field in SinglePlayer. Changing each elements position is added to the To-Do list.

    So here's the new version:
    -eirstt.ini: renamed RotLeft, RotRight, RotLeft2, RotRight2 to RotCCW, RotCW, RotCCW2, RotCW2
    -eirstt.ini: added PlayerPosX, PlayerPosY, RotCCW3, RotCW3
    -added DTET rotationsystem
    -added Sega rotationsystem
    -added Nintendo rotationsystem​

    for download link see first post
    -added rotationsystem: DTET (Heboris)
    -fixed timer
    -changed DTET 180 rotation and removed IRS to be more accurate (Thanks to Edo)
    -added support for animated backgrounds
    -changed menu
    -fixed rotationsystem: Arika SRS
    -added support for skins
    -added mode: TGM1
    -added mode: Ti Shirase
    -eirstt.ini: removed PlayerPosX, PlayerPosY, Mode, RotationSystem, Randomizer
    -eirstt.ini: added Skin
    -added rotationsystem: ARS Ti
    -changed handling of IRS
    -added doublelock prevention
    -fixed multiplayer
    -added Hold
    -added IHS
    -added credits
    TAP Master:
    -added score, creditroll
    TAP Death:
    -added score, creditroll
    -added backgrounds (thanks to conspiracy for their awesome demo "Beyond")
    -added mode: Ti Sakura
    -added randomizer: Sakura Bag
    -added "F5" - screenshot
    "F6" - replay menu
    "F8" - switching skins
    eirstt.ini: added ReplayPattern
    -added siren, rotate and medal sound
    TAP Master, TAP Death, TGM1:
    -fixed many minor inaccuracies
    TAP Master, TAP Death:
    -added medals (SK, CO, AC, RE)
    TAP Master:
    -fixed gradesystem (thanks to Edo)

    (and maybe some things I forgot ;) )
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  10. This will be very useful to study Sakura with...
  11. 0.2.1
    Ti Shirase, Ti Sakura:
    -fixed invalid memory access
    TAP Master, TAP Death, TGM1:
    -fixed 998 levelstop
  12. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    A couple of things:

    - would it be possible to implement TLS for the first section?
    - TGM1 shouldn't have sonic drop



    - would it be possible to show "NEXT GRADE AT XXXX POINTS" for the TGM1 mode?
    - could you implement the gravity indicator (the little bar between the current level and the level stop)?
  13. Are you planning to complete Sakura functionality at some point? Here are the missing things I noticed:
    +During "Ready Go" on any given stage, the player can press Hold to skip a piece outright. This can be done as many times as desired until the end of the delay. (Note that if you skip a piece and keep Hold held, you can still IHS the first piece off of the same input you used to skip a piece.)
    +It looks like there is just a main timer and no separate stage timer. You can fail to complete a stage and still move on to do the next one as long as you have time left on your total timer. I think each stage starts you with ~90 seconds to complete it, but I'd have to check out a video to verify this.
  14. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    You can also press and hold start to manually skip out stages if you mess up beyond rescue and don't want to waste time.
  15. Great tetris engine here, it makes you feel like you're playing the real arcade game(altough mame does this better:D).

    it has some bugs but the project is still pre-beta and bugs are normal but, here in my pc (i dont know if this is normal) the game runs in full speed but suck up alot of cpu (about 60%) and the other programs goes slow. this isn't a big problem but it's a little incovenient sometimes...

    Continue developing eirstt, i see great future on it!
  16. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Skipping pieces in sakura mode by pressing hold before the level starts is completely intentional. It works in TI's sakura mode too.

    Not only that it's a fixed sequence that you can advance to the position you want in by pressing the right number of times fast. This is key to the gameplay.
  17. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Bug: In all TGM modes, sideways movement should override vertical movement. Currently, eirstt uses 8 way control, and lets you tap while soft dropping without stopping the drop. this is impossible on real arcade hardware, even with an 8 way stick. regardless of the order of engage, if left or right is engaged, up or down is ignored until left or right is disengaged. If left or right is disengaged while up or down is engaged, the game immediately treats up or down as if it were just engaged.
  18. Error: Invalid memory access

    Address: $1000D000
    File: Tetris_Adv.pb
    Line: 894
    TargetAddress: $8

    pops up a lot when trying to play online
  19. Has there been any progress on this recently? I tried it on my laptop, and while it feels very snappy and runs full speed, it completely pegs the cpu and has a fps that is unnecessarily high. Is there any way to make it not eat my battery?
  20. Is it me or is there no Ti Master mode?

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