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  1. Is the shared room have any space left? i would be pretty interessed too, even if i'm probably too late.
  2. Not gonna lie I don't even know how many spaces there are. Let alone if there are any left. Would it be worth making a list on who is using the shared room? @Muf ?
  3. It has about 6 places, if we again move the couches over from my room. It might fit 2 more if you bring a mat and sleeping bag? Also it might be possible to sleep in some corner in the PiC itself and just use the bathroom.
  4. If you will have NES tournament... can I get results from this one, pretty please? :D
  5. Move over and note them by yourself!
  6. Muf


    I would love it if you could bring CCS Tetris, and if you'll stay the full duration of the event (at least until late Sunday afternoon) it would be very nice if you can bring your capture cards.

    I currently have these people noted down for the shared room, and by the look of things it's gonna be crowded:

    I should probably cap it at 8 people, so that means the shared room is currently FULL! It also means y'all are going to be sleeping for a bargain, as the price divided by 8 is less than 10 euro for the whole event, lmao. Can the people listed above please let me know which days they're using it? There might be some wiggle room if people are only staying one night or whatever.
  7. Gonna come out and say now it's more likely than not I won't be able to make it - I won't know what my availability for around that time until the 23rd of this month, and I'm unsure if I'll be able to afford travel expenses.
    You guys have fun without me though
  8. I'll be there onwards from the 3rd all the way up to the 6th. I don't know yet if I'll take the train home on the evening of the 6th or the morning of the 7th - it depends on if i can sleep there on the 6th as well. I'm flexible in that regard haha

    aww, that's a shame! if you do have the availability, hit me up and i could *potentially* look into helping out a bit? we'd have to look at prices a bit if thats the case
  9. @Muf Are you able to capture gameplay from 2 or 4 NES consoles? I will bring 2 Pal consoles with Tetris, the more consoles the easier to keep a potential NES tournament to a sensible time frame.
  10. Alright. I'll definitely be staying the full duration as my current plan is to be in Eindhoven from the 1st to the 8th. I'll also be sure to bring CCST over and if need be I can still bring my RGB-modded PAL NES and AV Famicom as there seems to be interest in those. As for cables, I can bring the cables that are needed however I won't be able to bring any switchers/splitters as mine definitely wouldn't fit in my bags. Capture cards I could easily throw into my bags so just make sure you've got a PC with enough PCI lanes to handle them all! :D

    Edit: Also regarding hotel stuff I'll take an actual hotel to save on space for the shared room.
    Edit2: Booking confirmed. I'll be staying at Holiday Inn Eindhoven for the duration of my stay!
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  11. I'm only staying the night from Saturday to Sunday. I'll arrive somewhere around noon on Saturday.
  12. I'll be staying from Friday evening to Sunday, so two nights.

  13. It's a bit up in the air for me right now, as I'm likely not getting time off at work, so I have to hope to get a lucky schedule and find people to swap shifts with me. I'll know by the end of next week.

    I'd also chip in a bit for your travel expenses if you can otherwise make it.
  14. Muf


    I only have three SCART splitters, so assuming we want to capture CCS Tetris, I can only capture two NES consoles at the same time.
    The AV Fami would be nice to bring as it means I won't have to repair/afroengineer mine (last time I tried to turn it on it didn't work, so probably some loose contact or whatever). I did just realise that although I have three SCART splitters, I only have two SCART to VGA (with sync chip) cables, so if you could fit your Sync Strike into your suitcase, that would be useful too. The main stream PC will be filled (to the brim) with capture cards, but my secondary stream PC (a modest dual Xeon W5590 system) has 3 free PCI-e x16 slots and one free PCI-e x8 slot, and I plan on using NDI to forward capture sources to the main PC.
  15. I have a RGB modded Famicom AV if a second one is needed.

    As for the shared room, I should be in Eindhoven from Thursday Afternoon to Sunday morning.
  16. Alright. I'll add the Sync Strike to the suitcase. I also plan on buying a SCART2DVI next week so I'll probably bring that along also.

    Would you need a NES BNC cable? I can bring both my NESRGB->SCART and NESRGB->4BNC cables if need be.
  17. Probably depends on how serious the NES Tournament is supposed to be played. If just some of us do some some 1v1 it will suffice to capture from 2 devices.
  18. For the shared room, i should be in eindhoven from Friday Morning to Sunday Evening.

    I will confirm this monday.
  19. K


    I will not attend to Eindhoven meeting this year for personnal reason. Enjoy the meeting.
  20. It works for me timewise but I don't have the money and would feel bad having others pay for my entire travel costs not to mention food etc whilst there
    Maybe next year?

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