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  1. yo TGGC, fun fact: guess who's a german! :^)

    also: holiday has been clocked in at work, except for one single day. i'm gonna work alongside my manager to get that evened out though.

    one question though, what are some good airbnbs/hotels nearby?
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  2. Also looking at the question for acommodation. Though there is one real question.. How many datapaths and copies of CCST do we have to bring? :p
    Would this also be a good time for "Me and the boys preppin' for Eindhoven"?
  3. @Sinewave
    Great! I am from Mainz, which part of germany are you from? Are you active on discord and do you have heard of the german channerls yet?
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  4. Last time I was in Eindhoven (2 years ago) I was the one who brought the PS1 with CCST, and it didn’t seem like we needed additional copies. So I guess one is enough ? :D
  5. Muf


    I've updated the first post with lodging details.
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  6. I know Sine and I looked at the Blue Collar Hotel about two weeks ago. It seems they're all booked up for the event already. I did find another hotel (BudgetHotel) which is ~a 20 min walk away from the venue (1.7KM walking distance) which does €28 a night for a single room, or €54 for a double/twin room. Can't say anything about any of the hotel's reputations as obviously I've never been :p

    Also, I have a list plus a couple questions about the event:

    For stuff I am able/willing to bring, would any of the following interest anyone?

    Star Sweep
    Mr Driller 2

    JP PS2 (SCPH 90000)
    Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura Eternal Heart
    Tetris PLUS
    Magical Tetris Challenge

    NES (GB PAL NES with lockout chip removed or AV Famicom. Both are NESRGB modded)
    Tetris (Both PAL and NTSC)
    Tetris 2 (NTSC)
    BPS Tetris
    Everdrive N8 (Famicom yet I also have FC to NES converters.

    9" Sony PVM (Haven't bought yet, however I am heavily considering getting one + a flight case.)
    Smallcab Supergun (+ ATX PSU)
    Capture card(s) (XCapture-1, PEXHDCAP60L or VisionRGB E1)
    Sync Strike
    HDMI Switcher
    Webcam (Logitech C920)
    Laptop (Asus ROG GL752VW-DH71-HID1)
    2x 10,000 MaH battery banks
    IFixIt screwdriver set
    Cables of all kinds (SCART, BNC, VGA, RCA, ect.)
    Adapters of all kinds

    Arcade stick (Brook Retro + UFB combo PCB. So it can work on pretty much any console)
    PS4 controler (Plus PS3/PS4 to PS1/PS2/PC adapter)
    NES controllers (Normal NES, Dog bone or Goofy Foot.)
    Can bring other controllers. Just ask if I have what you need!

    Note: I'm not bringing all of this equipment. Just whatever people are in need of. Flying in from the UK so extra bags will cost me more to get on a plane.

    Anyway, as for questions..
    1. What's the earliest people can arrive at? Asking as if I'm bringing tech, it might be worth flying in say.. the 1st, and booking a hotel for the night, then bringing tech the next day.
    2. What's the situation for bathroom stuff (showers, towels, hair dryers, ect.) Just so I know if I should take the multi-bed/mattress/ect option or book a hotel.)
    3. Is there anything happening before or after the event? Maybe just chilling out with the day(s) after before heading off?
  7. sweet. would those 60 euros be for the entire span of the meetup or 60 euros every night? because i'll probably make use of the lodge. also, would we pay for the lodge in advance or once we are there? also yeah, is that a shared bathroom (i assume it is, which is fine by me)? i'll assume i'll have to bring my own towels and all of that stuff, but i hope there's a shower because i do seriously not want to be that guy at a meetup/event who smells awful all the time.

    Very interested in NTSC Nestris and CCST. I have a (god awful) PB to beat in the latter! :p Also, I'd love to give the goofy foot controller a shot to see how it works with hypertapping.

    also, I'll maybe stay a night longer than the event to take a bit of time and explore eindhoven? the train station may or may not have a five guys which will be mandatory for me to visit LMAO
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  8. Assuming everything's the same as last year, the 60 euros are for the entire event. There is a shared bathroom with a shower.

    If I can come I'd like to use the shared room again as well, though as I said I'll only be there for the weekend.
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  9. holy crap that is SUPER cheap. count me in boys

    also i'll probably bring my laptop and mechanical keyboard (massdrop ALT w/ holy pandas, if anyones interested) because ya boi has to keep up the rhythm game grind ever so slightly
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  10. From the OP I assume that's €60 for everybody as a collective, so if say 4 people are staying there, that's €15pp (correct me if I'm wrong)
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  11. Even if it was €60 per person that's still a pretty decent deal. We'd be talking like €15-20 per night assuming people stayed for the whole event. If you split the price down you'd pretty much be sleeping for free. :p
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  12. Unless I'm too late I'll gladly take the shared room as well for the weekend. Apart from the (ridiculously) low price it should also be a fun or at least unique experience :) .
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  13. Sign me up for the shared room as well, I promise I won't accidentally steal the key this time!
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  14. Muf


    I'm very sorry, I didn't properly confirm the price was still valid before posting. I just learned the price has gone up this year to €72.50 (still for the whole event). If you want to confirm I'm not trying to deceive you, you can check out the pricing in the FAQ on the Lozjee website. I'll update the first post as well.
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  15. That'd work out to €24.17 per night if it's 3 days, or €18.13 per night if 4. Still a good deal imo.
  16. If the room of my girlfriend and me has the extra couch like last year, you could have it again as an extra bed.
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  17. i mean, even then that's still really cheap so i'm still down to take part in the room - as arch said it's still a good deal. /shrugs
  18. Too early for me to be sure yet but I'd probably take the room if there's still space lol
  19. Muf


    1. Flying in the 1st is fine. I'll be busy with prepping, but you can check out the city and maybe hang for a bit at my house in the evening. TGGC will also be around somewhere and Jago probably as well.
    2. The shared room includes a bathroom unit with a toilet, sink and shower. There's towels but I'm not sure how many? One of the guys that attended last year can probably tell you.
    3. Sunday night is cleanup and it would be nice to have a few strong arms available to move CRTs in and out of cars. After that I'll be completely dead, so don't really expect much from me after the event.

    I'll get back to you on the gear situation. In any case, thanks for offering!
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  20. If there is still space for me, I'm interested in the shared room as well.

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