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  1. Okay just got approved to take vacation from work Oct 5th so I'll be coming this year for sure. Friday - sunday

    I'd like in on the shared bedroom.
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  2. Is there still room in the shared bedroom? I'd be in as well :D
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  3. Muf


    5 people are currently signed up for the shared room, so there should still be plenty of room left.
  4. Muf


    With @steadshot signed up as well, that's 7 people. I have five mattresses I can put in the room so that leaves room for one more person. I also think that's about all that would fit in the room comfortably. With 7 people signed up the per-person cost is €8.50, if one more person signs up it will be €7.50 per person (for the whole event). I will be asking a flat fee, so it's the same whether you stay one night or all nights. This keeps it cheap for everyone and saves me administrative headache.
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  5. Muf


    Also, as most veteran attendees probably already know, we always try to gather a few extra TGM1 boards to hold "The Masters" in the style of Pier21 on Saturday or Sunday. What makes it a bit more important this year is that my TGM1 board is lent out to the national video game museum in Zoetermeer, so we're down one board from our usual count. Who can bring a board? @Qlex, @Snaaahhh, @Tomek, anyone else?
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  6. I can try to bring mine, unless you need it saturday morning
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  7. Still not sure if I can make it to Eindhoven this year, I have plenty of stuff happening next week.
    In case I can’t come, if you still need an additional TGM1 PCB I can give mine to @Qlex and he’ll bring it with him.
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  8. Muf


    What do you mean, from when until when would you be attending?

    I'd like to take that option if you really can't make it but I would prefer it if you just came instead!
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  9. My flight arrives at Eindhoven airport saturday at 13:00 and the return flight is at 17:30 on Sunday. I had to book this way because of work :'(
    I should see if the board fits in a handbag so I don't have to wait at the airport for luggage
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  10. Do someone know if it is ok to have the PCB with you in your hand baggage in the airport ? I know that custom clearance can be a pain with some items.
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  11. Muf


    You can take electronics in your carry on. You should've seen the shit I took to Copenhagen for CTEC this year. If you want expedited security clearance, take out the PCB from your bag and put it in a separate tray on the rollers for the security scan.
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  12. I bring my PCB each year in a simple backpack (the kind you use for school) and I never had an issue with it not fitting.
  13. I can bring the best Tetris so we can have a proper tournament.
    I am of course talking about
    NDS TGM3 with d-pad
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  14. Hello, I'm an idiot that fell asleep before setting my alarm yesterday and missed my train to the airport and they only leave once per hour.

    As such, I'm unable to attend since there's no way to make it to the airport in time before the flight leaves now and there are no later departures.


    Since I had signed up for the shared room, I'm asking @Muf to PM me a PayPal address or such, and I'll pay my share for the room etc.
  15. K


    Oh shit !
  16. Oh man, that sucks :(
    Personally I wouldn't mind paying a little more for the shared room, though
  17. Well
    that was pretty awesome.

    Blocks were put, tournaments carried out, Final Tetris was cleared two times, pancakes were enjoyed and Sudokus were solved, kids and other guests were introduced to Arcade Tetris, horse masks were worn, TGM1 leaderboards were rewritten (including some new records by AMN and QLX) and even Dre hasn't been forgotten afterall.

    Now back to practice. Maybe I can manage to play a little less shitty next year. ^^'

    Thanks everyone.
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  18. Hey y'all,

    That was an amazing event, as always.

    I enjoyed a lot of the improvements this year and I thought it would be a good opportunity to mention them :
    - You, watching this. You are awesome :wub:
    - Alex Kelman concert Friday while steadshot is beating Final Tetris. Amazing stuff
    - The variety of games this time around has been crazy. Sega Tetris Naomi? Magical Tetris Challenge? Weird loud versions of old Atari Tetris? What is this, a Japanese game center? Jeez
    - Flixbouss from France is legit
    - The streaming installations this time around seemed godlike. Mic was not even visible and everything looked crisp
    - The pancake place knows its stuff with sweet pancakes (or did I have a salty one? I can't tell)
    - Very glad to see the newcomers this year coming strong. Let's go better next time!
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  19. Petite dédicace à EXD :
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