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    Ladies & Gentlemanko! Get your date picker here:


    The reason I've picked September is because Jago couldn't take time off in August, and he usually contributes significant hardware to the meeting (aka I couldn't do it without him). I don't want to plan the meeting any later because of the weather and because of the possibility of having to go to Portland in October.

    If too many people apply, I may have to enquire into renting the local community centre, which would mean an entry fee. I don't like this, but last year my house was at full capacity (both in terms of sleep spots as well as living room space), so yeah.
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  2. I should be away cycling in Mallorca from 5th to 12th September, so that kind of wipes out the first two weekends for me, as well as making the following weekend a bit more questionable because IDK whether it'll be a great time to take time off work for two straight weeks (and I'm also not sure I'll be working where I currently am).

    Definitely agree with the idea of moving it somewhere else if we have as many or more people compared to last year. Don't really see it being a problem personally unless the entry fee is pretty hefty, and having the extra space would probably ease things up a lot. Like, aside from the glare of the sun making the screens awkward to see, and being outside completely working against maintaining my pasty-white complexion, it was actually nicer on the Sunday last year just because things weren't so cramped in the festival and you weren't constantly having to wriggle past people to move around the room. Also would remove the problems of trying to fit 3 CRT monitors, PCBs, arcade sticks, a PC, and two monitors onto a table which isn't really big enough. And means that Kevin isn't in danger of keeping everyone else in the house awake :p
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    Who the hell is Gerson?
  4. They're in IRC but usually idle.
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    Just a note that this is 90% confirmed to be 24-27 September.
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    If the location I'm considering goes through we will have plenty of room, a huge table, two couches, a bar with hipster beer (albeit at cost), fibre internet, and no entry fee. People can sleep there on the couch or on the floor, and there's also a small patch of gravel out back that fits a tent or two. Alternatively you can rent a room that will fit 4+ people so you can share the costs, it's €25 the first night and then €12.50 for consecutive nights. Broke and/or trusted people can sleep at my house, it's two bus fares to/from the location. Also date now definitively confirmed for 24 September.
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  7. Clarify pls. Both as to what constitutes "hipster beer" and to what sort of cost. Also if they have their own bar does that mean it would be frowned upon to bring our own booze?

    Is that per person (assuming you've got 4 to split it) or is that the price for the room? And by 4+ people does that mean it has beds or just space for 4+ sleeping bags?
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    The beer is Beerze bier and it's €2 for a bottle. I'm also bringing my own camper fridge like at Kabaal last year but I might have to put it in a slightly less conspicuous spot.

    I don't know a lot of details but presumably it's per room, so split by as many people you can fit, and presumably one bed but room for extra sleeping bags.
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    muf : is it still at your home or some special place ?
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    There's 13 people listed as available on the 24th on the date picker, so even if 3 of those don't show up it'll be too many for my house. Once I know more about the location I'm in talks with I'll reveal where it is and what it looks like.
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    Need a NNC cabinet ? :trollface:
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    Bring it.
  13. i will not be able to make it after all guys. i just got back from europe where i spent entirely too much money, which means i cant come out. its OK though since i know i would have had my ass handed to me by all of you guys. the versions you play are so foreign, and so impressive, to me. thanks for the invite and i will be there one day.
  14. Noooo dude that would've been awesome :(

    You HAVE to come one day!
  15. My friend @Svavar is talking of going. Some of you may know him as a pretty sweet NES player. If he's going, I'll probably go too.
    Exciting huh!?

    Is there any date set yet?

    edit: Dammit Terry. You should take a loan or something and go anyway
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    The date is 24-27 September. Build up is the 23rd and teardown is the 28th, if you want to help out.

    The location is 99% confirmed, with one more condition: the rent for the event, which would have been 500 euro, will be remitted only if we buy drinks from the bar exclusively, so no hidden fridge or shenanigans like that. Soft drinks, wine and Bavaria beer are 1.50, Beerze Beer 5.5 is 2.00, and Beerze 7.5 is 2.50. I'll be talking through the final details on Monday, and then I'll announce the location. I guarantee you'll all love it.
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  17. Fair enough - at €1.50 a pop I think we'd struggle to drink through enough beer that €500 would be the cheaper option, especially given supermarket beer isn't free either. And it'll be nice to have an option for beer that isn't cheap Bavaria shite :p

    I'll probably book the time off work for it this week, IDK when I'll sort out flights but I doubt it'll be an issue.
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  18. Looks like I'll have to take the train over to Denmark, then I can go from there directly to Eindhoven. (still gotta clear time from work these days, should be doable)
    And get a world map on here when the location is announced so we'll know where to go from the airport. and how to get to the location.

    also I've never been in another country other than Denmark and flights usually don't go over well with me.. a bit anxious over traveling and stuff. I guess I'll need to exchange for some euros too, mastercard can't be trusted. (didn't work in a few places in denmark)
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    There's a bus directly from the airport to the location, so no world map needed. :)
  20. @Burbruee If you're anxious about travelling alone, maybe you can hook up with Svavar and me when you're going through Denmark anyway.

    Still on the fence on whether or not I'm going though.

    edit: HOLY CRAP plane tickets are cheap, I guess I don't have a lot of excuses not to go
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