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  1. Does anyone have a link to a video of this? I'm pretty sure I've seen it before, but I can't find it now.
  2. Try searching for Big Mode instead.

    That TGM4 video is of Konoha Mode, which is kind of like Big except there are no S or Z pieces and the goal is to get all clears.
  3. Zaphod77

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    Big Mode works like this, in the following games

    TGM1: all pieces are made up of 16 blocks, arranged into large versions of the original tetrominos. Motion left and right is done one block at a time, so care must be taken to avoid lethal misdrops. A 'tetris" is worth 8 lines, and scores appropriately considering the progression. This, naturally makes ranking up in TGM1 very easy, because a double is scored as a tetris and lines fill much faster, so getting S9 before 20g is not unheard of. Put in as a joke and a challenge, and not properly balanced.

    Note that any thing above line 21 is wiped out without scoring. This makes having a big piece stick off the top of the screen before line clear very inadvisable.

    TGM2: In this game they actually balanced the Big mode. Moving left or right moves two cells instead of one, so the pieces always line up properly. also, a "big tetris" is only worth 4 lines. However, tetrises can still be scored faster, as the rows are only 5 cells long. Line clear delay helps to offset the speed gain. I believe that scoring is similar to normal, but it cold be tweaked a bit.

    TGM3: THis gives you 3 piece preview, hold, and floorkicks. This significantly decreases the difficulty of Big mode. To make up for this, section cools are completely removed, and the game no longer recognizes t-spins at all for scoring purposes (the game can recognize them, as it does do so in the Shirase credit roll, but refuses to score them in big mode). I believe the scoring is different for Big mode, and that scoring bravos may give an extra bonus in that mode, since they are still recognized, when t-spins aren't.
  4. Thanks Zaphod. In TGM1, do wall kicks still operate? That is, do they kick the piece 2 graph squares?
  5. DeHackEd

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    Yes, wall kicks work just fine.

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