Does anyone here play music while playing Tetris to focus better?

Thread in 'Strategy' started by jimbozitron, 15 Feb 2018.

  1. There's always been debate on whether or not music helps with focusing on tasks, including video games. I've found that my best games playing Tetris are when my mind is barely focused on the game itself; rather on something either in my mind or in the background. The first thing I can think that would help me get into this state of mind would be music. Music has this effect that makes it so anything outside my own personal bubble doesn't exist, which I think would be perfect for a game like Tetris. With that said, I've tried listening to music while playing but I haven't gotten many good results from it.

    So my question to you all, to those who listen to their music while playing, is what music gets you into that state of barely concentrating yet still doing good? What gets you into the "zen" state of mind? Thanks for any answers you can give! ^^
  2. Just realized that this should most likely be in the strategy area lol. I can't figure out how to delete the post so if you want to move it, do so. I'm juuust a bit new to this site lol.
  3. I always listen to my own music instead of game soundtrack. For Tetris calm music (mostly classical) usually works best for me, but some indie and alternative rock or EDM can work as well. Just basically music I like listening to, because that always gets me motivated.

    What's interesting is that sometimes listening to music I've never heard before makes my time while playing Tetris more exciting and enjoyable, but sometimes it's distracting as well. Don't know when which of them is true, I just listen to what I currently want to listen.

    Also, it's a 100% confirmed fact that listening to Initial D soundtrack will make you play faster.
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  4. To me sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. Though this mostly applies to TGM1.

    • The original tracks can seem slow once you reach a certain skill point. Faster music helps you keep pace.
    • After playing for long periods, The original tracks can seem a bit dull. A variety in music helps keep your mind fresh.
    • Not everyone may enjoy or continue to enjoy the music. Having your own tracks can prevent you from droning on about it.
    • People can use the original tracks to sub-consciously gauge Where they are pace-wise.
    • The original tracks can help you keep track of where you are speed-wise and what's coming. Especially in Ti.
    • If your own tracks change at the wrong moment, it can be distracting.
    • Unless you have a specific playlist, the beat/intensity of your tracks can change drastically; throwing you off pace.
    That's my thoughts on the matter.
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  5. Muf


    This is a good mix to play TAP Death mode to:
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  6. i tend to listen to podcasts... helps.
  7. original music and sounds for me all the way. anything else feels wrong
  8. I thought music would be good but it got distracting. I found listening to people talking was the best (Alain de Botton or Joe Rogan seemed to work well).
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    That's crazy, man. Have you ever done DMT?
  10. It's the one thing on my list that I haven't done. ;)
  11. I like to play hyper pop while playing Tetris. It's not been proven but I'm pretty sure fast tempos help you focus and play faster.

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