Disregard this thread, I suck klax.

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Ray Ayanami, 15 May 2009.

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  2. Spread yourself around a bit more across the various games. Heck, it's not that unhealthy to just drop Tetris for a couple of weeks and then come back to it. I've taken breaks before, and generally within a few games of coming back I feel like I've improved in my time away, and my games are more refreshed.

    Have you tried a few runs were you've concentrated purely on keeping a low-ish stack and just surviving past 500?
  3. Not really, I usually try to stack high in the beginning like in TGM1. I get a little scared if I'm nearing 100 and don't see a big "7" next to my playfield.
  4. Shizi

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    single player sucks
    try multiplayer
  5. Muf


    You've been playing since October 2008? What the fuck? You need a reality check. Everyone has their own rate of improvement but don't expect to be skilled when you've only played for a couple of months. I've been playing since December 2007 and look at where I am now. S4 in TGM1, TAP and Ti. I'm finally starting to improve beyond S1 in TAP and that's fucking 1.5 years since I started playing. Who do you think you are? Some kind of genius prodigy? The next ghett0? Get in line with the rest of us and just keep training. I'll talk to you after another year of solid Tetris play.
  6. I've been playing for 7 months. I'd think I'd have overcome the 500 wall in TAP by now...

    And don't accuse me of being arrogant and ghett0 like. I'm just trying to improve. I don't think highly of myself when I play games. I think of myself as the exact opposite, as a player who will always be at the bottom of the ranks because everyone else around him is always improving too.
  7. Muf


    I think it's offensive to the other players who are slow to improve who don't throw a fit every time they plateau for longer than a month. Implying that you should've improved more in such a short period of time sets a negative tone for yourself and everyone else with the same rate of improvement. Think about that for a change instead of being all WOE IS ME I WANNA QUIT THIS IS NOT GOING FAST ENOUGH.
  8. I think it is time to take a long break.

    Until Monday at the earliest and until next Friday at the latest.
  9. I've been playing TGM and friends for years (2007 or so), but a lot of Tetris games before that.

    When I started I was already S7 in TGM (!). It took me a year to reach GM.

    I still can't last in Death 300.

    Improvement comes slowly. Play a game a day, no more, no less. Don't stress yourself if you aren't making improvements. Things come in time.
  10. Ai


    I missed the contents of the original first post, but I would have sworn Amnesia created the topic reading the previous topic title. ^^

    I also have been irritated by the lack of progress before. And I too have made the mistake of venting my frustrations on the IRC channel and forum. Though I never created a topic. :p But I never thought of quitting.

    This kind of thinking won't help you and like mufunyo mentioned it really is kind of rude to those other members also trying hard. Some people just improve at a faster rate and you will have to accept that. Think about it Amnesia, colour_thief, jago etc. have been playing TGM for 5 years or more. It's not like they became the players they are now overnight.

    Rosti is right you need to be patient and take long breaks once in a while. Or focus on other Tetris games/modes that require other skills just like I do (Big Mode, REV, Item Mode, Normal Mode etc.).

    The best way to get used to the level 300-500 sections is to practice in Texmaster starting from level 300. Once things seem to be improving try to learn how to handle the sudden change in playstyle required going from sub level 300 play to the level 300-500 sections. Before I play TGM seriously I still practice at level 400 gravity for at least five minutes just to get the hang of it. Upload your Texmaster save file. I'm willing to take a look at your level 300-500 play.

    @ mufunyo:
    TGM S4 is NOT equal to TAP S4. You should at least get S6/7 and probably even higher. But you probably didn't play TGM1 seriously for a while. ^^
  11. Muf


    I'm afraid a bigger font won't help me-- I've played a lot of TGM1 today and yesterday, and there were some very good games, but they were all S4 or S3 (or suicide). So my consistency has gone up, but my grade hasn't (I have gotten a new S4 record but I doubt it would move me up the leaderboard and I don't have an endgame screenshot). I need to improve more in TAP before I can return to TGM1.
  12. Ai


    Well that's strange. You can survive over level 800 in TAP so you should be able to do at least as good in TGM1.

    If 20G is the problem try to keep the stack as low as possible before starting the 20G sections. And if you have difficulty with the 2 sections before I would advise you to play a few games where you don't force yourself to go for tetrises between level 300 and 500. See how far you get without thinking about grades. You should aim to get S3 around level 300 consistently. If you do that getting S5/6 should be no problem for you.
  13. jujube

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    tetris is a game [​IMG]
  15. m:)

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    tetris is that game that is always there when other games get old.
    if a great game comes along i play it. if not, I play tetris.
    it's like riding a bike you come back and still play.

    I've been on a break because I'm playing excite bots and probably will play this game a lot over the next 6 months. especially if online gets competitive.

    I popped on heboris and made my first run into the 900's on the first try after not playing for two weeks.
  16. Muf


    One word: randomiser.
  17. K


    Everybody suck depending of the ladder.
    for exemple, Amnesia is a big cock sucker on the top three... [​IMG]
  18. tepples

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    There is always time for Klax.

    No, Mario Kart is like riding a bike.
  19. It's not the nineties any more. There is no more time for Klax.
  20. m:)

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    I was born in '72 and i have never even heard of Klax.

    That's more like riding a really expensive bike in a really bad neighborhood.

    tetris, on the other hand, you can put down for 10 years pick it back up and still play like you just played it yesterday.

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