[derp] What if TGM5 really existed ?

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  1. So, if you are not living in a rock and if you know about TGM, you probably know that TGM4 is cancelled and will probably never be released. Such a shame.


    Maybe not, but whatever.
    Now, I have question for you : what if TGM5 really existed ? What do you think it would be and how it would play ?

    Here's my ideas :

    --- Game modes ---
    - A refined Master mode, the return of score-based grades with TGM1's score system, and a bonus based on a clock system, which is kinda like the grade system for TGM2 and TAP (in other words : TGM1's score system + TGM2's grade system + TGM3's grades = TGM5 Master)
    - A Survival mode : like T.A. Death and Shirase, only this one goes to 1500. No grades, no roll, no points. Just survive and eventually make the best time.
    - DANGER ZONE !!!!111 Like TGM1, but with TGM5 gameplay, and other things to make you lose your concentration, like the playfield progressively shaking harder and harder, and FIREBALLS COMING OUT OF THE BACKGROUND
    - Puzzle mode, like TGM3's Sakura mode, but with new puzzles and anime girls, because you really need anime girls to make a japanese game
    - A beginner mode, but I don't have any ideas for that
    - Possibility to play 1 player, 2 player, 2 player versus, and Double

    --- Gameplay ---
    - ARS is step reset
    - If you choose SRS, you wake up in your bed, and you decide to believe whatever you want to believe
    - The C button is Double CCW rotation
    - Hard drop locks, soft drop doesn't (so you have to stack good, like in TGM1)
    - Hold piece, it shows the next 6 pieces
    - New floorkicks for the J and L pieces
  2. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    First, TGM5 is a world connected game. There are servers in the world with a world ranking.

    1 : Only 1 marathon mode : Master mode :

    -2 cases and 2 buttons for HOLD
    -5 previews
    -Grades :
    9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
    S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S9
    m1 m2 m3 m4 m5 m6 m7 m8 m9 (m rank = COOL validated)
    Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6 Y7 Y8 Y9 (Gamma ranks = COOL + 1 back2back or tspin2x)
    gm1 gm2 gm3 gm4 gm5 gm6 gm7 gm8 gm9
    GM GM2 GM3 GM4 WGM

    0-100 : like 0-300 in TI MASTER
    100-200 : entering 20G like TI MASTER 400
    200-300 : 20G like TI MASTER 600
    300-500 : 20g like TI SHIRASE 600
    500-700 : 20G like TI SHIRASE 1200
    700-900 : 20G like TI SHIRASE 1200 + fading
    900-999 : 20G like TI SHIRASE 1200 + fading + agressive garbage coming

    -After 999 :
    1200 speed M ROLL for 50sec = GM if done
    -After 1st M ROLL :
    1200 speed M ROLL for 50sec with 1 preview, no hold = GM2
    -After 2nd M ROLL :
    1200 speed M ROLL for 50sec with no preview (1st tet. only), no hold = GM3
    -After 3nd M ROLL :
    1200 speed M ROLL for 50sec with no preview, no hold, invisible lock delay = GM4 (for sounds mastered only)

    WGM examination got after being GM4 qualidied + 2 tetrises during the 4th M ROLL.

    2 : Versus online:

    Can only be played in a special chair with electrical connections in the body which deliver current depending of the attacks of the players, 3 modes :

    - SAKURA : tiny charges unofensives
    - NORMAL : requiers a medicinal qualification, must be played under control of expert people
    - DEATH : Match which can provide serious injuries and make uncertain vital pronostical.
  3. K


    Internet is full of people with great ideas (no offence). Now you can learn programming and start by yourself your own project, and come back with a prototype. :)
  4. Hell, I would if I had any idea how to program.

    To give an idea, I know less about programming than the medias about video games.

    Edit : Au fait Amnesia, c'est un truc de ouf tes idées.
    ("Gamma ranks = COOL + 1 back2back or tspin2x" : what)
  5. Hmmmm....seems very cool!
    this is the real Tetris concept!
    Maybe your "TGM5" mode and rule can be implemented on Nullpomino
    Besides this, is TGM4 already out?
  6. Nope, TGM4 is not out and, in fact, is cancelled.

    Now, it's up to fans to make a Tetris game that would be worthy to take the title TGM4.
  7. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    This seems pretty good.
    don't think there's anything wrong with going up to s15. But yeah, the regrets are kinda silly.
    It's pretty hard to beat m-roll as an interface screw. THat said, I do have some ideas, in no particular order.
    1) remove previews. (but audio cues are still there to tell you your next piece)
    2) make the active piece invisible.
    3) inflict transform on the player for an extended period (piece randomly changes when rotated, EXCEPT for IRS, which makes it fair.)
    4) make the entire playfield invisible including the active piece (identify it by piece sound)
    5) make the playfield flip about the y axis each piece.

    and naturally these can be combined. for example, combine m-roll with transform. transform+invisible active piece wouldn't be fair, though. :)
    Well, yeah. original sakura had anime girls. :)
    Combine TAP's every 100 levels helper items, with TI's firework system, with added bonuses for making pretty patterns. 300 levels.
    Yes. bring back doubles.
    Yeah. even have Morpheus with a red and a blue i piece. :)
    Sonic drop is one of the great things about TGM, and allows for faster play when ARE is used, for fixing overhangs quickly. It should stay.
    I think one active piece, one next, and two previews has perfect synergy with the history rules in the randomizer (4 piece history).

    Hardly needed with 180 degree IRS. But yes, i see the circumstance where they would be used.

    My ideas for improvements.

    Instead of killing the lock delay when you rotate after a floorkick, require the piece to drop down past where it was before the floorkick to do a step reset. The concept is already in the tetris guideline.

    Find a solution to Mihara's conspiracy. One would be prefering the direction that is currently pressed for kicks. Another would be special casing the J kick that bugs everyone, such that IF it would be immobile after rotation plus kick left, AND it creates no holes in the stack, assume that the player wanted it to kick left and do it.
  8. Am I the only one who thought "You have no chance to survive make your time" when I saw that? o_O

    That aside, I do like this idea. Except, make it go up to 2000 :3
  9. Extend Shirase:

    1300-1399 - 5 sec visibility
    1400-1499 - 4 sec visibility
    1800-2000 - invisible

    It's like Shirase and Phantom mashed together had a bastard child just to make everybody rage until blood gushes out of their ears, or something.
  10. Hahaha, Shirase 1200 speeds invisible, that's absolutely disgusting. You better be pulling back the speed at that point.
  11. And if I don't? :AWE:
  12. D:B

  13. Here's the concept for a TGM5 gameplay :


    Rotation system : ARS
    Rotation : A=CCW, B=CW, C:Double CCW (not 180°)
    Lock delay : Step reset
    Drops : Hard Drop (locks at 20g), locking Soft Drop
    -- notes : I wanted it to be different, with a hard drop that locks. The problem is, only experts can get a game with this to be consistently good, so whatever. We need to make a poll about that.
    Wallkicks : CCW : basic, 1 space right, 1 space left
    Wallkicks : CW : basic, 1 space left, 1 space right
    Other wallkicks : TGM3's I-piece
    Floorkicks, TGM3's I-piece and T-piece + J and L
    Hold : IHS
    Number of previews : 3 next pieces

    And a preview of some modes :
    Time trial to death : 20G mode. Goes to 1800, harder and harder. Can only see the outline of the locked pieces, like in Final (Joker) or HELL. From 500 to 1000, lines are starting to be hidden like in HELL-X, faster and faster. From 1000 to 1300, you have colored [ ] pieces. From 1300 to 1500, those pieces are monochrome (green/white and black). From 1500 to the end, the pieces are like Tetris GB, monochrome (green/white and black), and pieces start disappearing (again, faster, from 5 seconds to 2 seconds).
    Puzzle : Like Sakura, but with new puzzles. Also, extra stages, and lolis.
    /!\ DANGER ZONE /!\ : Goes to 999, with TGM2 Master mode timings. The playfield shakes harder and harder as you progress. There's always something to get you out of concentration, and it's random. Those includes : playfield just moves to the bottom and appears at the top like a V-sync bug, big-ass fireballs coming out of the background, the playfield rapidly rotating, fake game overs.
  14. This makes zangi-moves impossible, which is one of the good things about TGM sub-20G... A lot of people play standard modes with firm drop and hard drop as their two drops, though. Maybe that would be better?
  15. I thought of soft drop that can be faster if you charge it during ARE.

    The soft drop does not lock the piece, whereas the sonic drop does. This way you can make the tetromino travel about anywhere fast without a risk of locking the piece. That would be some reverse zangi-move (Charge down during ARE, move sideways, then up).

    With the first idea this seems to be faster and cover more options than Tetris DS. The good point is that you can be faster than in TGM if you don't make zangi-moves, however you are now a little bit slower when making cool zangi manoeuvers.
  16. That may be good, but it's not really intuitive. Then again, it's still a good idea.

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