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  1. yeye !!!`


    please feel free to post your best death scores from 3/25 to 4/1

    all games: tap, taref, shiromino, texmaster, cambridge, and so on; are welcome

    DEATH TOLL 2172
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  2. courtesy of sinefuse:
    Past Death Tolls:
    2020 - 33390
    2019 - 22304
    2018 - 30477
    2017 - 42045
    2016 - 30520
    2015 - 27201
    2014 - 20797
    2013 - 13583
    2012 - 14963
    2011 - 22082
    2010 - 20596
    2009 - 19365
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  4. :yawn: yet another 'do not post' post. i too have made these. i understand. it's ok.
  5. >>>49<<< players have already submitted, within one day, on

    If you insist on being obstinate and posting in this thread too, fine, whatever, but at least submit it to ta.p too. Come on, man.
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  6. I think there are plenty of reasons to prefer a forums-centric approach to this community event. For example, it’s traditional, the community excitement is more public than in a discord server, this platform is owned by the community. I’d like to hear your opinion @user401730 so we could potentially make a compromise.

    So far we’ve seen that automating the leaderboard/death toll and having the bot declare new entries in a live chat has increased the hype around the event since feedback is so quick, it’s easier to tell your new pb makes a difference.

    Personally I’m not a huge fan of discord, though I don’t think I have a favorable alternative either :D
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    The forum is more user-friendly and social. Talking to people is enjoyable and valuable especially during these isolation times. Isn't the carnival a celebration?
    On the other hand, the automated leaderboard makes accounting tasks a lot easier.
  9. is cool to do same thing same place same time since 2007
    multiple carnivals? also cool

    i too have not added on to the carnival thread in some years. it is ok.
  10. hence the linking of the site/bot to the TA.P discord server : )
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  11. ok! i hope everyone is feeling good about the carnival. without fragmentation or confusion, the thread remains for any one who wants to do as in ye olden tymes.

    all the same;; good luck with your runs! make the grade!
  12. what is the thinking on the relative badness of
    a) a hole in column 5
    b) losing mobility to one side
    c) covering the deeper of two holes

    GrandMasters `````
  13. COL


    Hard to say because they don't affect your game in the same way.
    We assume 20g.
    The hole in column 5 will stay here and you won't be able to remove it until you've cleared out everything above and have the right piece at this moment and worse, if the hole is at level 14, your stack will be at height 14 until the hole is removed. On the other hand losing mobility is of dynamic nature and you'll have more room to fix it.
    The 5th row hole is an absolute priority but fortunately with some experience, you can avoid it entirely. The fight for keeping/reclaiming mobility in either side occurs in every game (at least for me) it is a lot about avoiding building bad shapes, I can't really write simple short guidelines apart that your left side should be kept higher if possible.
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  15. 428@02:50:56
    To be honest I don't even have an idea how to submit that to - it seems I do have an account there without ever creating one..!?
  16. gg deem! that's a fine time to boot
  17. Muf


    Message MHL or JBroms on TC or Discord with your email address to get your password reset - legacy scores from TC have been scraped and entered into the database under a provisional account that you can get control of.

    EDIT: oh sinefuse already said it

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