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  1. MAME
    250 - 2:13.58

    Foregoing clones for the main carnival this time around.

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  3. [​IMG]
    game's hard
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  4. G2_DEATH -- lvl 468 @ 03:12:30
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  5. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm


    Despite being at home all the time there's not been much time to play...
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  6. mame64_BACQeG5dcv.png
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  7. 0010.png

    Speechless, the image already speaks for itself...

    Also, am I the only freak that finds Death harder than Shirase?
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  8. Death is tough. I'd say with 1 preview and this speed the variance in runs is very high, much moreso than Shirase.

    On another note I finally got a second sub 5:30 live! Glad to show this 5:26:83
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  10. upload_2020-3-28_22-20-30.png

    Update: Slight improvement; very large deaths/time ratio :p
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  11. See, I like to think I'm good at Tetris... I'm way outta my depth. (though, thank you to Archina for pointing me towards this!) upload_2020-3-28_21-51-41.png
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  12. [​IMG]

    I'm rusty, but after a bit of grinding, somehow still managed an M rank on stick! (performed on MAME) I usually have to resort to playing on nullpomino or something on keyboard for carnival to get a 500+ score, but it looks like I've still got it in me. Woo!

    Video forthcoming, I played impressively clean up until a single misdrop somewhere in the 4xx section.

    Edit: Video here:

    I feel like it has been long enough since the troll threats of youtube accounts being taken down over silly things that I can probably upload these without really worrying about it -_-
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  13. Got a 540 tonight. Will attempt to improve this. I'll post the video when I get around to highlighting it. Oh, also got a bravo in there too!

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  14. Got 584 so far -- a bit rusty and trying to push for speed the whole way through for now so it might take a bit to get a clear.

    EDIT1: 639
    EDIT2: 680
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  15. 999 @ 6:03.56
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  16. MAME
    337 @ 02:55:83

    Not a big death player, and reaching lvl 300 is effectively a DEATH warrant for me... Posting so I can contribute to the death count and compare next time around!
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  17. 0013.png

    The grind never ends!

    I'm particularly proud of this run because it was really clean! That is, until I screwed up during the transition... but still, being my first year at the carnival AND improving so rapidly made me appreciate TAP much more than I previously did, so thanks to everyone responsible for making this event! I will definitely play a lot more of this game in the near future!

    Maybe I'll reach 500 by the end of the carnival? All left to do is hope...
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  18. I don't know how I never forget the carnival each year. Not in good condition but not rusty as well, so here is my GM for 2020. I hope you are all healthy and fit.

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  19. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

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  20. level 756, hopefully I can improve this before the end
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