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  1. my 500 for the day:

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  2. 577 for today. One of my fastests M.

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  3. Here's my 287 in 2:28.05.

    My original goal was 200, so I'm pretty happy with this so far. That being said, I'm hoping to crack 300 now.
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  4. upload_2018-3-26_23-18-33.png
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  5. upload_2018-3-26_23-22-28.png
    oops lol
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  6. [​IMG]
    Death Toll +42. Meant to post this earlier yet forget. Still on the climb to 450+
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  7. After about an hour of straight attempts.. that’s the best I can do. 129 :/

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  8. I mean for an hour's worth of attempts that's pretty close to your PB! :D
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  9. Here's today's haul

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  10. vlcsnap-2018-03-26-23h31m02s445.png
    999 @ 6:23.80

    I got my Carnival GM under the most violently uncomfortable conditions imaginable. I've been using an Extron 4LDex line doubler to play console and arcade games on a VGA monitor, but it has absolutely no fucking idea what to do with TAP's 61.68Hz. Not only did the game display in a bizarre partial screen wrap, but there was also some form of inscrutable "floaty" lag. My best guess is that the Extron was trying its damnedest to display a consistent 59.94 or 60Hz in the face of a resolution it could not begin to comprehend. This constant drifting, wobbling timescale made it tough to completely trust my eyes; what I saw did not always agree with my hands or ears. Sometimes it was better to not look all too closely.

    And yet, for whatever awful reason, I pressed on. All in all, it only took a handful of games to clinch a GM. Dizzy, disoriented, detached from real-time, but successful nonetheless. I would not recommend this challenge to anyone. Extron 4LD: great for TGM and TI, but an absolute toxic reaction when mixed with TAP.
  11. FeV


    I got a 737... still so sluggish but I guess it's progress.

    Also holy shit someone actually using Shiromino... guilt for not updating it increasing aaaa lol
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  12. upload_2018-3-27_14-45-57.png
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  13. got this PB yesterday. my goal's 400. heck, I'd be happy with 399
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  14. Got a 336 for now.

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  15. new pb
    and yeah it is 3 level short of goal. fuckin hell... I love this gamemode

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  16. This will have to do
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  17. Still playing, played a short session to get this. 462 with one of my slowest times.

    Good job and good luck everyone :)
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  18. 164 @ 1:39:25
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  19. This is what I get for not playing for several months. But there's still time...

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