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  1. Ai


    396 @ 2:58:45

    I will need to slow down to aim higher. This will be a little harder than expected...
  2. COL



    HOLY SH*t!!!!!!!
    Still can't believe it! I'm so happy :D :D :D
  3. Well done COL! It will be a carnival to remember for you. :D
  4. New record, and first SK bronze!

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  5. COL


    Thanks ;)
    Let's see if i can do it again this week
  6. Oh, so close to 300! :|
  7. COL


    good job for your SK medal!
  8. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    DEATH 605 !!

    I finally performed a M rank on my keyboard, I passed 500 around 3:18,
    this is all what I remember because the electricity in the train between Paris and Bordeaux shut down before I record the screenshoot.
    (it shuts down around every 20min, and my battery has been dead for years.)

    After 40 minutes of game for this death carnival, I was able to powerfull manual lock at 300 and even a little bit at 400,the first section is the one I manage the less with an average time at 48sec

    I hope this carnival won't finish at 605 for me !
    and why not a new record this week..I need to keep dreaming.
  9. [​IMG]

    Gotta say, this and the new lagless MAME feels pretty rewarding in the midst of feeling pretty depressed generally in life.

    Video is on the way too, for once it didnt screw up in any way.
  10. Improved slightly, 238 @ 2:43:33.

    BTW, SYN7HOR (my main rival for the wooden spoon it seems :)) edited his post #15 with a 234. Don't miss the body count!!

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    It says its processing right now, but I suppose everyone will be able to watch it without problems within like, a couple of minutes.

    If not, let me know so I can fix it.
  12. 650 - 4:09:88

    Not posting a great deal because I'm recording all my scores. So far consistency in the 350-500 range with most of the games, but annoyingly only 3 M grades so far out of the 60 or so games that I've played. D:

    Did have a 499 @ 3:13:36, but I topped myself out trying frantically to clear a line when the music had died, and screwed up in the process. If I'd known I had that much time it would easily have been an M.
  13. I always seem to forget exactly how to record replays and how to make a video out of them. Would you be so kind to post or link to the proper instructions and/ or tools?

    Last I tried it was a great pain. If I remember it you recorded from power-on and then when you wanted to make an avi out of it you had to watch through the whole thing. So pretty much make that awesome performance in your first try since power-on or you had to sit through all games until the one you actually wanted to record. Do you have to do it this way or can you record from anywhere?
  14. Muf


    If you record an AVI with Fraps you can fast forward through the thing or just seek to the right position. But you'd also need at least a quad core and a tonne of disk space.
  15. Level 500 at 3:27.71

    Performed at the Norcal tetris meet :D

    M rank here i come!
  16. Congrats man, that's awesome! It's been a long time since someone gave me a kick in the butt, it'll be fun. :D
  17. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Where do you from batfly ?
    USA or Japan ?
  18. Ai


    Congrats COL, batfly and everyone else. Perfect timing COL. I hope you can perform other Ms during the event. ^^

    He's from Sweden.


    Your previous best was a little over 6 minutes. Did you improve more than 30 seconds or were you already under 6 minutes before? That's one massive improvement. Who would have thought that a little lag could have such a big impact one's play. ^^
  19. I have a good hour or so of video to fish through if I want to be certain of my current Carnival best since I haven't been logging runs, ugh haha.

    It is at least 634 since I know I got that in this session.

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