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Thread in 'Strategy' started by deeden, 2 Apr 2017.

  1. Hey guys,

    I now have been a member of Tetrisconcept for only under a month and already learned a lot to improve my game.

    I just switched to stick and want to close the gap to keyboard. Here are two of my death runs played during the carnival.

    In the videos below I play rather fast (for me) and that makes my stacking more messy than usual. While watching the videos I already noticed a lot of disadvantageous patterns myself (stacking, bad placement, not raising the 5th column etc.) but I think if someone more experienced pointed out and described some more points, that would really help me.

    Any input particulary regarding movement finesse ? What moves do I tend to do where I loose time ? Where can I improve speed with better finesse ? Please help pointing out bad patterns and habits.

    Any input is greatly appreciated !



  2. FeV


    I've put my analysis stuff on hold for the past while, but I'm working on something now that will make it a lot less tedious. So once I get that done I will most likely take a look. Shouldn't be too long, maybe a couple weeks. Just letting you know you're not being ignored.

    Edit: And to clarify this is about complete videos, so there will be demonstration clips and in-depth comments. Otherwise I would just take a look sooner and write some paragraphs here :p
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  3. you are great FeV!In the meanwhile I will keep playing and training.
  4. FeV


    So an update on what I'm doing: the higher production value prerecorded videos are still an option, buuuut they take some serious work for me to complete because I am awful at video editing. Seeing as I'm also working on my clone a lot these days, I think a livestream is a better option. Plus this way I can interact with you while going through the games. Is there a time when you can watch my twitch stream so we can do it? :) @deeden
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  5. In before Show me your vidyas! 2.0 : FeV Edition. ;)
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  6. Hello @FeV, that is a great Idea! I am a bit busy these days and will definitely come back to you. What is your time zone? I'm GMT +8. I'll pm you as soon as I have a bit more time.
  7. FeV


    GMT -5, haha. I have a weird schedule though so we can make it work :)

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