Challenge: Death 300: The Gold SK Challenge

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  1. A technique I used to train myself for high speed 20G. A fun side challenge for those who are bored or learning Death 300+. ;) It is possible to do this at higher speeds (400 or 500+) but 300 is just that bit more accessible for all of us.

    Your Goal
    Get 17 tetrises at Death 300 speed in one game without dying. If you can perform this feat, now try to do it as quickly as you can.

    The Rules
    Use a cheat to start and lock TAP at the 300-399 section. Play T.A. Death games at this speed until you top out or achieve Gold SK. Alternatively, use Texmaster, choose the Sudden mode, go to the 300-399 section, press left or right for INFINTE play, and start stacking. Or use another accurate clone (Nullpomino, etc.) with TGM Rotation.

    I don't care how long you survive afterward, you can top out 3 pieces after getting gold SK if you want to. :V

    Do not start at level 0, 100, or 200, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

    Proof by screenshot/video/replay.

    The Ranking
    First by number of tetrises, then by time, then by score.

    *Death 300 Gold SK Challenge*
    Played on TAP
    rednefed      17 (Gold) ~2:32   56147  02/11/15  Manual locking ~90% of pieces
    Played with clones
    NAME          #  CLONE   TIME    SCORE  DATE      NOTES
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  2. Nice challenge :)
    I'll give it a go this evening :)
  3. It's too bad there aren't anymore replies to this thread! I'd like to see this :).
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  5. Hey, this topic popped up!

    Gave it a few tries, set a personal best at 4:48 or thereabouts, then a few rounds later: [​IMG]

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