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Thread in 'Strategy' started by Oliver, 15 Jan 2016.

  1. I got my stick last Friday (Qanba Q4) and I've been playing with it to varying degrees of success (best TGM1 so far was an S4 @ 5xx iirc) and I think one of the factors limiting both my speed and general stack consistency is that the joystick itself has incredible bounceback on it which is extremely annoying in TGM1's first and to an extent awkward-G sections and TGM2/3 in general. I've read over and over that this goes away after a fair amount of play but untill then how would I go about dealing with it? I don't want ro replace the spring because the current one feels perfect imo and also I really can't be bothered to try and mod it more than changing the restrictor because I'm bad and will end up fucking something up if I try.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. It does go away eventually (except apparently on Jago's piece of crap sticks...)

    Biggest thing that helped me when I was getting used to mine to begin with is to centre the stick manually. It's awkward to do for fast moves, but for TGM1 at least, don't just let the stick return to the centre on its own. Actively move it into the middle as you would any other position of the stick.

    Also found that putting my little finger on the other side of the shaft to the rest of my hand made a reasonable difference as well.
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  3. They usually break in and it becomes easier to deal with.
    That said, I had one JLF that just never got better after over a month of heavy play. I ended up just buying a new one.
  4. Played a run just now using your advice and got a stick PB. Thanks! I feel like I'm getting more used to it though I'm still messing up in TGM2. For now I'll just have to keep playing I guess
  5. When I first got my stick it took about two weeks of (what I assume was, due to my ability to procrastinate on my research) heavy play before I started getting down to my keyboard time for just one section, let alone the rest. I noticed my low G times were still really slow in comparison to my keyboard times for quite a while as well. I'm looking through my tweets from that time and apparently I found 20G easier on a stick than keyboard though.

    One of my friends who plays fighting games suggested I try holding the stick from below the ball as it gives him more control. It will almost certainly stop bounce back as well because of how much less freedom the stick has to move due to your fingers being there. I found this very awkward and slow though so I gave up on it without really giving it a chance. Maybe if you try it you'll have more luck.
  6. I tried to hold it from below once (almost all of my friends are Pittsburgh FGC) and quit the moment I tried to do an up-down snap.
  7. Just saw this thread. Honestly like I always say, don't bother messing around with modding your stick. All the Japanese WRs were attained on regular Sanwa sticks (with a couple oddballs using Seimitsu). Just wait a bit for it to break in. It will get better if you play enough (1-2 hours a day for a while). You will probably also subconsciously start playing in a way that makes it less of a problem.
  8. I would second trying to examine your stick grip and see if there are any easy changes you can do to accommodate for the snapback. For example if you hold the balltop in such a way that in the neutral position your fingers naturally "cage" the balltop this will prevent it from bouncing to the other direction just by virtue of your other fingers being there to absorb the impact. I'm not saying you necessarily have to go to such an extreme, but just think about ways in which you could tweak your grip that might (?) help. Like Rosti I also hold my stick with the shaft between my pinky and ring fingers which may help; just try experimenting a bit.

    There is also a large element of technique here. While Rosti's suggestion of centering the stick manually (relying on your own movement rather than the spring) will certainly work, you may be able to get away with a sort of middle ground. I think the best way I can describe it is that instead of letting go of the stick completely, you simply reduce pressure on the stick by the right amount so that it will spring back to neutral, and no further.

    Try pressing the stick all the way to the right and then entirely letting go =very quickly= without touching the stick at all afterwards. You are sure to get some bounceback. Now try the same thing, but instead of letting go of the pressure as fast as you can, do it at ~90% speed, and instead of letting go of the stick entirely, keep your hand in place so that it doesn't overshoot.

    All that said I also agree with Kevin in that if you just play enough you'll eventually just learn to move the stick in a way that it's less of an issue even if you don't really think about it too much.

    Now if only I could find a way to reliably go from up->down 100% of the time without triggering left or right...:rolleyes:
  9. My problem is I'm far too reliable at up->down. I've developed the bad habit that if I want to place a block one left or right from spawn I'll tap it in the desired direction then up->down rather than use a semi circle.
  10. I think the latter is much more likely the case.
    When I installed a TAP board on my cab it was my first time playing the game on Sanwa sticks, and bounceback immediately became a problem to me, despite the fact that the P1 stick had seen a ton of use over the years.
    Playing it now, though, it's never something I encounter. I'm pretty sure it's related to how I play, and not the stick itself.
  11. Set your stick to 4-way. It's the only way to play :)

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