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  1. So I haven't been able to get anyone on Hard Drop to as much as acknowledge my question: How has Gewaltig Entertainment been able get away with publishing a clone with "tris" in the name for so many years? Have they already received a cease & desist letter and just ignored it, like Gamepoint did with Blockbox?

    In the past I just assumed it was because development was inactive, but apparently they're planning to release the sequel this week.
  2. Obviously, this means we should rename NullpoMino to Nulltris :p

    Aren't the C2 devs not in the United States? If so, then it's likely they just ignored a C&D if they've gotten one. That or too few people play for it to make enough of a difference that TTC would actually do something about it.
  3. With no hold or kicks or spins, it's a lot closer to the Game Boy Tetris my mother plays than it is to modern Tetris.

    Edit: Also no lock delay and a 10x18 well.
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  4. I think I like Cultris I better than II. Ugly glowing pieces, and can't drop down blocks while the timer is showing anymore? Well, that's my first impression at least.
  5. i think it's what zirc said
    cultris is developed in europe - so they probably just ignored it lol
    like gamepoint did with the c&d letter(s) they got
  6. I don't support this game anymore, because people behind this game are very gay. They banned me because i posted achievements list on hd. WTH
    also it was removed from hd.
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  7. loooooooool

    Tetris game with spoilers.


    PS I still haven't installed this.
  8. The requirements for GM could be considered spoilers.
  9. Wojtek even marked the information as potential spoilers for people that care about that kind of crap, and he still got banned.
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    The issue was not that achievements were posted.

    The issue was that achievements nobody had gotten yet were posted. Ones that were still secrets.

    The cultris people wanted every achievement to be discovered by playing the game. That's why they complained.
  11. I'm sure Arika didn't want everyone to know the ins and outs of the grading systems, but they did a much better job of obscuring such details and it took much longer to be pieced together. People are going to publish such details that they are able to discover. Banning a player for doing such is a pretty shit move.
  12. You know Mihara would ban us all if he could.
  13. secret underground tetris site.. wait wat
  14. Anonymous

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    Complete Cultris II Achievment List:

    - Berne: Win despite staying below 40 BPM.
    - Autobahn: Play with a higher BPM than 120.
    - Je t'adore: Play with a higher BPM than 200.
    - Triforce: Make a god-like combo.
    - Chuck: Make two god-like combos in a single round.
    - Gutknecht: Make three god-like combos in a single round.
    - Combo master: Make 50 3-combos in a single round.
    - Welcome!: Win your first ranked match.
    - For teh lulz: Win 100 ranked matches.
    - For teh ego: Win 1'000 ranked matches.
    - For teh win: Win 10'000 ranked matches.
    - New overlord: Win 50'000 ranked matches.
    - Techno Viking: Play 100 ranked matches.
    - Professor Badass: Play 1'000 ranked matches.
    - Yo dawg!: Play 10'000 ranked matches.
    - Great justice: Play 100'000 ranked matches.
    - Who wants to live forever: Stay alive for 7:30.
    - Imma let you finish: Survive longer than 6 minutes.
    - Eye of the tiger: Survive longer than 5 minutes.
    - Spencer Davis Group: Keep on playing for 4 minutes.
    - First blood: Send a line to an opponent.
    - Spartaaa!: Send 300 lines to your opponents in a single round.
    - Firin' mah lazer: Send 200 lines to your opponents in a single round.
    - Shoop Da Whoop: Send 100 lines to your opponents in a single round.
    - Efficiency?: Lose an epic round after fighting for three minutes.
    - Derp!: Lose a round in less than 15 seconds.
    - It's over 9000!: Clear 9'000 lines in ranked matches.
    - Lifetime: Clear a million lines in ranked matches.
    - Two lifetimes: Clear two million lines in ranked matches.
    - Doctor: Accumulate an hour of playtime in ranked matches.
    - Amber Lamps: Accumulate a day of playtime in ranked matches.
    - Epic Beard Man: Accumulate a month of playtime in ranked matches.
    - Om: Win your first Swiss cheese ranked match.
    - Om Nom: Win a Swiss cheese ranked match in less than 20 seconds.
    - Om Nom Nom: Win a Swiss cheese ranked match in less than 10 seconds.
    - Facepalm: Misplace an I.
    - Ray LaMontagne: Clear your field completely twice in a single round.
    - Metric: Clear your field completely three times in a single round.
  15. I love u wojtech :)
  16. i'm not one who posted it here.
  17. I can confirm that.
  18. Muf


    That achievement list definitely needs less memes.
  19. my god, this. all respect i might have had for cultris is totally gone now.

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