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Thread in 'Competition' started by wasmachstdugern, 20 Oct 2014.

  1. i am currently uploading the twitch stream from the CTWC. it will be available on my youtube channel (just search "terrypurcell"). i am currently missing sections but will update as i find them.
  2. Thanks for recording this...i watched most of it live, but it would stop and buffer every 3 or 4 minutes...
  3. Harry played like a beast! It blows my mind how fearless he plays. Tang called it correctly... Harry was making it rain Tetris-es that one game. Just sick.
  4. Are the finals online? I donĀ“t find them...
  5. Can you find somewhere the games' log too? :) Like this one (last year).
    Who got third?

    Another question... I noticed no one played both tournaments this year (NES and SNES). Players' choice or tournaments in alternative?

    Oh, and congratulations to everybody!
  6. The third place was not played. Elijah Markstrom (vs. Harry Hong) and Terry Purcell (vs. Jonas Neubauer) were the defeated semi-finalists.
  7. thanks for uploading this! do you have the rest of the competition too? did you record the whole stream or how did you get this?
  8. Muf


  9. Thanks for posting these! I had seen most of the tourney live, but it was great to catch up with what I missed. Fantastic job, to all!

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