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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Ai, 28 Sep 2009.

  1. Ai


    I've been updating the threads in the competition section since yesterday. I announced it somewhere in a thread in the competition forum, but I believe most don't know about it yet. So far I've done the following things:

    • synced leaderboards names with the forum names where possible and deleted duplicate entries
    • added prefixes to all thread titles
    • fixed formatting issues like removing stars etc.
    • updated all threads

    To the best of my knowledge all leaderboard entries are now up to date with the new and old forum's member names. There are bound to be still some mistakes so if you find any just report it over here.

    For the title prefixes when in doubt I just chose "Records". Maybe someone can check on it and make some suggestions about correct usage of the prefixes.

    All the unwanted stars in the opening posts have been removed. But there are still quite a bit of dead links and images left. Mostly in threads that haven't seen any activity in a while now. I could remove the dead links and images if necessary. I also noticed a few duplicate threads. The older versions can be found on the bottom of the competition forum.

    The only threads besides mine that I update regularly are those maintained by colour_thief which include Amnesia's and some other important leaderboards. I also have permission to update jujube's threads. If threads haven't been updated for a few weeks I will intervene.

    Anything else I should do? Any suggestions on how to improve the competition forum are welcome and appreciated.
  2. lgb


    Sticky, a high score board index. Links to every current topic (as in, when the topic is taken over this thread should be updated) in the Comp. forum in alphabetical order:

    Heboris - DOOM
    NullpoMino - Phantom Mania
    Texmaster - Novice and Normal

    ...etc. If you want you could add a line between each game since nearly every game ends up getting multiple tables. You could also have a post at the end that contains links to the various tournament threads.

  3. Nice work Ai. Definitely meriting your position as record board mod.

    lgb, you mean what shmups.system11 has?
  4. Ai


    The game index sounds like a good idea. It's useful to have a nice overview of all the record threads. I'll see what I can do.

    The tournament threads can easily be shown by using the "Display Options" at the bottom of the forums. You just need to select the prefix "Tournament" to prevent the threads with other prefixes to be shown. There are only a handful at the moment so it isn't difficult to browse through them.

    Thanks Rosti. Just doing my job, 3 months late though... ^^'
  5. orz


    i like this idea a lot, maybe consider categories for ease of sorting through things

    TGM3 gameplay:
    (link to TGM3 master thread)
    (link to TGM3 shirase thread)
    (link to special & sudden ti thread)
  6. Just an idea; would it be possible to give two or three regular members the rights to update a hiscore-thread? So the whole work wouldnt always rest on ones shoulders.

    A forum I used to visit was like that and it worked out pretty well, but it also depends on if the forums software supports it.
  7. It already sort of works that way for most of the threads. For TGM3 Master, mufunyo has the unfortunate combination of being slow to update and offended when people update for him. I have no problem updating it regularly if he's ok with that.
  8. Ai


    I'll try to create a thread to implement lgb's idea when I have more time. Anyone else is free to do so as well.

    This is hardly a problem right now. Both colour_thief and me update all important competition threads on a daily basis and I don't think it's a burden for neither of us. There are other members who can help out too if they wish to. But there's honestly no need for it.

    The only reason some threads aren't frequently updated is because we give the owners a chance to do so themselves. There's no point being the owner of a records thread if mods maintain the leaderboards for them.

    Actually I never asked Amnesia and colour_thief whether it's okay to update their threads. The only reason I started editing their leaderboards is because I saw coulour_thief take care of some threads on his own. I decided to help him out with it without asking. I hope it's okay. And I noticed he's also updating my threads now.

    Global maintenance of all threads in the competition forum was always my job. It took me a while to start doing something, but I'll try to improve things little by little with everyone's help from now on. ^^


  9. orz


  10. Muf


    At first I really enjoyed updating the threads and I'd be kind of disappointed when you ninja-edited them, but it's clear to me now I'm not good enough at time managing (after all, it's not a lot of work to do once in a while), so you and Ai can feel free to update them. Sorry for being such a procrastinating fool! :sowsuser:
  11. Ive seen that moderators already update the threads, too, but I didnt know that you are fine with it. If thats the case, nothing needs to be changed, of course.

    And please dont get me wrong, my original post was not aimed at anyone specifically. I just know from my own experience that it can be quite tiresome to keep something up to date for longer periods.
  12. Ai


    First of all I'd like to thank steadshot, [-Steve-] and the other people that took care of the threads in the competition section and the rest of the forum during my absence. I've updated most of the more important threads yesterday and today. I'll go through the other threads as soon as possible. If there's anything please make sure to let me know.

    I'd also like to welcome all new members and congratulate everyone that posted records for their improvements. I'm genuinely impressed with the progress some of you have made.

    And finally, I never planned to stay away this long. Some circumstances lead to my prolonged absence and I deeply regret not having informed anyone on the forum about my leave. I'll try to make a new start. ^^
  13. Hey welcome back! It's nice to see you around again. :D
  14. Good old Tetrisconcept, coming back together piece by piece. It's good to see you return Ai, I have missed you!

    steadshot and myself have worked on a few scripts to better maintain the leaderboards and make the process much easier and quicker. steadshot has done much more work than I have - I only monitored the Ti threads and they've been pretty quiet recently. He has been keeping the Texmaster, TGM and TAP boards all up to date (along with our admins as well :p).

    Also, the NES tetris thread has some nice activity, but that's all Kitaru's territory.

    Anyway, I'm more than willing to show you the code I've written, because I know how much of a pain in the ass updating the leaderboards can be. I'm sure steadshot wont have a problem either, I know he has a few scripts he's written as well.
  15. nice to see you back around :)
  16. Good to see you guys working on this stuff =) Hi to my sensei Ai by the way ^^
  17. Ai


    I noticed your return earlier this year and I have to say you almost convinced me to return sooner. I'm also glad to see you again on the forum.

    Anything that would help ease the task is always appreciated. If it's okay with you guys I'll have a look at it. And it's good to see Kitaru being so dedicated. Not only here, but also on YouTube, Reddit and other sites. Respect!

    Having seen your progress it's safe to say that it's the other way around now. I'm sure I can learn a thing or two from you Qlex-sensei.

    Thank you everyone! ^^

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